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One Church

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One Church

Film Description:

One Church – A true story that hasn’t happened yet!

When a national tragedy turns into a personal vendetta for aspiring politician Cornelius Barlow, religion comes to the forefront of public debate.

A national debate, like so many that disguise the real agenda by using words like: Uniting, Inclusion and Co-existing. ‘ONE CHURCH’ is a political thriller that tells the story of two prominent families that create a spiritual revolution.

A transformation that demands all pulpits in America must preach one religion. Families are divided, churches are closed and lives are even lost in the battle to reclaim the most important message ever told. Then, God shows up in big way by using the most unlikely people to defend His church. This is not an apocalyptic film, but a modern look at the current condition in America and the church.

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Topic: Thriller

One Church - Christian Movie/Film, JC Films - Banner

One Church - Christian Movie/Film, JC Films - Banner 2

Film Cast

  • Jason Frederick … Jake Mason
  • Jessica Lynch … Beth Barlow
  • Tim Ross … Randy Mason
  • Vanessa Ore … Abigale Mason
  • Don Brooks … Neil Barlow
  • Kera O’Bryon … Catherine Barlow
  • Chuck Clark … Randall Mason Sr.
  • Catherine Trail … Rebecca Mason
  • Bill Coen … Pastor Robert Young
  • Kimberly Hester Huffstetler … Reporter, Funeral, Banquet
  • Jeremy Carr … Conrad
  • Gogo Lomo … Jason Stern
  • David Schifter … Paul
  • Kayli Maree Tolleson … Tabatha Barlow
  • Marc Soper … Evil Preacher
  • Marlo Scheitler … Green Room VIP
  • Laura Palka … Judy
  • Brandy Allison … Lauren
  • Marc Crandlemire … Jewish Rabbi
  • Holly Spears … Restaurant Patron #3
  • Jenni Ivers … Rachael Ledbetter
  • Barry Piacente … Inspector Tom
  • George Peroulas … News Reporter
  • David Lowe … Security Gaurd
  • Russ Willey … Mike – printing press worker
  • Luis Carlos Machicao … Luis
  • Asif Khan … Adam
  • Daniel Stibral … White House Waiter
  • Jennifer Brown Andersen … Restaurant Patron #2
  • Christopher Luther … Young Randy Mason
  • Karrie Crocker … Restaurant Patron #1
  • Sean Clyde … Announcer
  • Britt Barlow … Pastor Larry
  • Devin Skyy Williams … Woman Preacher
  • Eric Charles Martin … Cab Driver
  • Colleen Brannon … Bonnie
  • Hunter Manning … Young Jake Mason
  • Clarence Harris … Barry
  • Jamie Bowman … Restaurant Patron #5
  • Savannah Johnson … Young Beth Barlow
  • Joey Deese … Secret Service Agent
  • Noah Whitworth … Presidential Party Extra/Dead Child in Church
  • Nikki Bowman … Restaurant Patron #4
  • Hershel Scott … Senator Davis
  • Juan Rivera … Paulo
  • Chip Wilt … Tiny

Film Company Contact Details

Company: JC Films Representative: Jason Campbell
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:2404 Deer Run, Forest, VA USA

Film Details


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  1. Stephanie Gwinn says
    29 February 16, 10:18am

    So what happened with this movie? I had pre-ordered it and my order got cancelled and it’s not available at all now.

  2. Annelie says
    29 February 16, 11:37am

    You would need to contact Christian Cinema directly to find out – 888-466-8432

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