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One More Round

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One More Round

Film Description:

Jake “The Jackhammer” Taylor, a promising boxer who walked away from the profession ten years earlier, decides that it is time for a comeback.

Since ducking out just minutes before he was to enter the ring for the fight of his life, boxer Jake Taylor (Tommy Lee Thomas) hasnʼt been able to get things back on track.

A decade later, he’s in a dead-end job, his marriage is rocky and his house is on the brink of foreclosure. He trusts that God can provide, but doesn’t see it happening as heʼd like. Just when Jake thinks he canʼt get up one more time, his trainers (Kevin Sorbo & Franco Columbu) track him down.

Will one more round in the ring bring redemption?

Release Date: (DVD) June 16, 2015

One More Round

  • Kevin Sorbo … Billy Jack Taylor
  • Angela Kerecz … Marion Doda
  • Jeremy London … Brock Thornhill
  • Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson … Bob Paulson
  • Franco Columbu … Trainer
  • Bobby Kerecz … Tournament Official
  • T.C. Stallings … BA Fontana
  • Jeb Phillips … Main Event Referee
  • Michael Warren … Tournament Fan
  • Tommy Lee Thomas … Jake Taylor
  • Mindy Thomas … Cindy Taylor
  • Stephen Warren … Boxer #2
  • Chris Kerner … Referee
  • Clint Calvert … Michael Trosper
  • Chris Roark … Boxer
  • Timothy Paul Taylor … Scott Channings
  • Seth Adair … Customer Service Operator
  • Kaye Laine … Mrs. Trosper
  • Geovanni Ventura … Tony Butler
  • Christopher Hunt … Process Server
  • Jody Nolan … Randall Doda
  • Donald James Parker … Lawrence Bergstrom
  • Mardell Elmer… Mr. Strauss
  • Nathaniel “Nate” Scott … Bobby ‘The Bazooka’ Bennett
  • Mike Shields II … Ring Announcer
  • Angela Cavallaro … Sarah Colson
  • Joan Luebbert … Anita Birdwell
  • Wendy Click … Jogger #1
  • Roy Johnson … Stu
  • Charlotte Elizabeth Thomas … Cassie Taylor
  • Nate Hopson … Nate Williams
Company: Rosetti Productions
Contact Person: Chip Rossetti
Phone: 812-454-9784
Email: Email Contact

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