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Ostrov / (Octpob) / The Island

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Film Synopsis:

The opening plan takes place during the World War II. A German frigate captures a small barge in the sea, carrying Russian coal. The Nazis occupy the ship, forcing stoker Anatoli to give up the captain and kill him with a gun. Trembling with fear, he shoots his captain, who falls into the see.  Anatoli is left alone on the booby-trapped ship, that explodes within minutes.

Then, the action moves in 1976, when Anatoli lives in a small Orthodox Christian monastery, on an isolated northern russian island. He works as a stoker at the boiler room of the monastery, all day carting a wheelbarrow with coal, sleeping on a pile of coal, praying and living there. He acts very weirdly -e.g. clucking like a cock-, and his strangeness confuses his fellow monks, who call him a prankster. But lay people arrive on the island from all around the region to see him, believing that Anatoli is a holy man, able to provide wise counsel and to cure sickness.

However, Anatoli suffers mourning for his past…

  • Pyotr Mamonov – Father Anatoli
  • Viktor Sukhorukov – Father Filaret
  • Dmitriy Dyuzhev – Father Iov
  • Yuriy Kuznetsov – Tikhon
  • Viktoriya Isakova – Nastya
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Ostrov / (Octpob) / The Island, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. George says
    21 November 11, 1:37pm

    One of the best and most mysterious christian movies I’ve ever watched.

  2. Mirco Binotto says
    01 May 12, 6:48am

    Bellissimo non solo dal punto di vista religioso ma anche come fotografia e musica. Una storia stupenda che mi ha molto colpito. Penso che che il monachesimo Russo possa trarne un grande significativo beneficio, anche per la gente normale.

  3. Annelie says
    01 May 12, 8:43am

    Here is what was said in Italian…
    Beautiful not only from a religious point of view but also as photography and music. A wonderful story that i was very impressed. I think that the Russian monasticism can draw a big significant benefit, even for the normal people.


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