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Film Synopsis:

What happens when a Pastor falls in love with a Vegas Stripper? How much will one man lose, to gain the one he loves? This 32 minute adaptation of the Biblical story of Hosea walks the viewer through the struggles of Sophi (Crissy Moran), a stripper trying to break out of that life. Sophi meets and falls for a Pastor, Joshua (Stephen Zimpel). Their two worlds collide and they are forced to deal with this fallout. How do people treat a pastor that loves a stripper? Do people ever really accept the stripper into “the real world?”

This story of redemption and grace is guided by Pastor David Cowan of Elevation Church and is meant to get people to think about things… to examine their own hearts and realize the extent of God’s love for the unlovable.

(Parental Warning: Mature Subject Not Suitable for Children!)

  • Crissy Moran … Sophi
  • Stephen Zimpel … Joshua
  • Grant Henderson … Ethan
  • Tracey Ali … Billie
  • Earl Chaney … Buck
  • David C. Cowan … David
  • Madison Elsner … Bikini Waitress #1
  • David Gomez … Gomez
  • Gordon Greene … Caleb
  • Meghan McCabe … Bikini Waitress #2
  • Paul Morrell Sr. … Paul
  • Alex Morrell … Congregation Member #1
  • Paul Morrell … Pervert
  • Josh Sullivan … Barista
Name/Company: Elevation Church
Contact Person:
Phone: 623-850-1623
Website: Film/Company Website
Email: Email Contact
OverSold, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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