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Paper Dream

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CFDb Review!

Great Christian film, job well done! I know there are a LOT of women that can relate to this film and worth watching for those women for sure. This was me – The picture she drew at the beginning of what her dream was, I said out loud, that was me! God had other plans though. I’m so thankful a film like this was made. I believe it will help a lot of people struggling over this issue. There are also 2 documentaries on the special features – “Flame On” & “Divorcing God”. Both very interesting!

Film Synopsis:

Christy had a dream…

For as long as she can remember, Christy Davis has wanted to be a mom, but things haven’t worked out the way she imagined them. When hopes of getting pregnant fall through, she and her husband Matt turn to adoption, but will that be enough to fill their longing for a child?

  • Sarah Karjian … Christy
  • Jack Brumit … Matt
  • Joanne Lubeck … Cammy
  • Alandra Dale … Maddison
  • Amye Gousset … Linda
  • Meeke Addison … Tonya
  • Jenny Odle Madden … Julie
  • Audra Buckel … Meghan
  • Juliet Buckholdt … Young Christy
  • Lizzie Wells … Barista girl
  • Jeremy White … Steve
Contact Person:
Paper Dream, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Virgil says
    03 June 13, 7:52pm

    I am looking for one of the songs in the movie… Where could I find the list of songs in the movie?… Thanks

  2. Annelie says
    04 June 13, 11:46am

    Try contacting the company that makes the film:

    Phone: 877-927-4917

    That’s the only way I can think of to find out.


  3. Kendra says
    05 December 13, 8:54am

    Hey Virgil, which song are you looking for? Email me at and I can help you.

  4. mariana says
    17 January 14, 11:43am

    i would like to ask where I could find info about Paper Dream movie – we would like to screen it at the church and need to know if we need a license to show it publicly

    Also, are there any other good pro life movies that you suggest

    God bless

  5. Annelie says
    17 January 14, 2:07pm

    Usually the CVLI license is all that is needed to show the film. You can buy the film here – Or call CBD at 800-337-8135 and ask them for sure.


  6. David says
    06 January 15, 5:09pm

    Hi All,

    I am also looking to screen it in church later during the year as I believe more understanding as to the love and grace of God should be understood and that just because someone is not given children by God does not mean He loves the person less.

    I am in Ghana. Could you please walk me through the process. Thanks

  7. Annelie says
    07 January 15, 8:17am

    Try messaging the film company on their FB page to ask them directly – If you hear back from them, let me know what they say so we can add it to our church movie license page:

    You can also try contacting CVLI to see if it’s covered under their license –


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