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Paranormal: The Truth Will Expose the Darkness!

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Film Synopsis:

Best-selling, self-made novelist Greg Evans struggling through the worst case of writer’s block in his award-winning career. In a desperate search for inspiration, Greg quickly finds himself immersed in a world he is not prepared to face.

Turning to a group of Paranormal investigators, Greg and the ghost hunting team search for proof and answers, yet are unaware they are about to have an experience of a lifetime! None will leave the way they came.

Paranormal The Truth Will Expose the Darkness! - Christian Movie, Christian Film, DVD, Cross Shadow Productions

  • John Rutland … Greg Evans
  • Maureen MacDonald … Karen
  • Nick Errato … Chris
  • Daniel Gray … Doug
  • Addy Miller … Megan Evans
  • Patrick Downey … Reverend Cobb
  • Regina McKenzie … Brooke Evans
  • Liz Lodge … Caitlin
  • Andrew Tilley … Dave
  • Russ A. Bryan … Gordan’s Waiter
  • Robert Crayton … Demon
  • Jessy Hannah … Roger
  • Rachel Holt … Riley
  • Christopher Houldsworth … Pizza Delivery Guy
  • Aaron Johnson … Young Greg
  • Laurie Kimsey … Caraline
  • Rusty Martin … Marty
  • Zach McClelland … 4th Ouija Guy
  • Cheryl McConnell … Hospital Administrator
  • Rylan Miller … Janice’s Baby
  • Vinc Mills … Driver – Church Goer
  • Clay Naylor … Brian
  • Lacey Rudolph … Janice
  • Kate Sanford … Greg’s Mom
  • Stephen Schaefer … Ryan Evans
  • Dawn Swartz … Mrs. Tapaldos
Company: Cross Shadow Productions
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  1. Annelie says
    17 April 12, 8:43am

    Debbie M
    Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2012
    Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
    We just finished watching “Paranormal”, and all I can say is WOW!!! I thought it was better than the secular movies “paranormal activity,2 & 3”.
    This movie went the distance and not only showed how dangerous it can be to dabble in the paranormal, but how JESUS CHRIST is the undeafed champ over all things. How satan is a defeated foe,and that Christ is victor now and forever.
    A really wonderful, Biblically based movie. We loved it!!

    Loved this review on Christian Cinema – wanted to share it with you. CFDb

  2. 25 August 13, 6:54pm

    I had some reservations about watching this movie. I’ve completely stopped watching secular horror films. But I wanted to see whether or not this movie passed my litmus test for a good Christian movie. To me the best Christian movies are ones that witness in some way, that exalt God and point people to Jesus. I do think that this movie performs a service in the name of Christ, by proclaiming God as victorious over supernatural as well as the natural. I think it is a good tool because it warns parents and family members not to take for granted even the most casual interest of loved ones in the occult. What was missing for me though is that I wish they had used more footage to actually present what the Bible says about occult dabbling. From a technical standpoint I was a little disappointed in the editing. But I think the editing style may have been intentional to emulate those paranormal reality TV shows. All in all I liked this movie.

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