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Pass the Light

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CFDb Review:

Loved the idea of pass the light – wish all Christians would take this up.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Pass the Light

Film Description:

Pass the Light – Steve Bellafiore (played by Cameron Palatas) is a very special kid; he’s a bright, religiously devout teen who yearns to become a football starter and works twice as hard as his high school peers to accomplish that goal.

Steve’s work ethic and kindness radiate through his life. Currently upset by his parents’ seeming estrangement, Steve is even more disturbed by the message of hatred and intolerance espoused by Franklin Baumann (played by Jon Gries), a candidate for Congress. Steve wants to make the point that Baumann’s exclusionary and fear-based doctrine has very little to do with his Christian perception of Christ’s teachings.

In retaliation, Steve announces his own candidacy for Congress. What begins as a tiny movement soon grows into a phenomenon, as people throughout the area embrace Steve and his Faith Crusade, whose “Pass the Light” campaign unites the community as never before.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

Parental Warning

Pass the Light - Christian Movie/Film Cameron Palatas - Screenshot

Pass the Light - Christian Movie/Film Cameron Palatas - Screenshot 2

Pass the Light - Christian Movie/Film Cameron Palatas - Banner 2

Film Cast

  • Cameron Palatas … Steve
  • Dalpre Grayer … Willy
  • Alexandria Deberry … Jackie
  • Colby French … Pete
  • Jon Gries … Franklin
  • Charlie DePew … Wes
  • Brendon Eggertsen … Francis
  • Keith Loneker … Coach Peters
  • Milena Govich … Anne
  • Lawrence Saint-Victor … Trevor
  • Victor Hawks … Freddie
  • Lou Wegner … Calvin
  • David Weil … Randy
  • Anne Winters … Gwen
  • Rachael Kathryn Bell … Louise
  • Camille Kim DesJardins … Camille Greer
  • Ruby Lewis … Gina Winters
  • Samantha Figura … Helen Baumann
  • Sean Ryal … Don
  • Brianne Tju … Mary Jane
  • Janelle Marra … Patricia
  • David Crane … Len
  • Tim Martin Gleason … Dale
  • Jason E. Kelley … Jerry Glossen
  • Vedzih Redzepovic … Football Center
  • Noah Staggs … Campaign Supporter
  • Téa Mckay … Teanna
  • Brittany Gandy … Candice
  • Angie Canuel … Paula
  • Katie Burton … Katie
  • Greg Brown … Referee
  • Jacob Houston … Brinkley
  • Mason Steel Davis … Patrick
  • Amber Sharae Topsy … Student
  • Rafael J. Noble … Pastor jones
  • Rachel Elizabeth Murray … Ms. Christine
  • Julie Sufana … Renee
  • Amber Jenna Bohac … Amber
  • Thérèse Cator … Joyce
  • Ryan N. Taylor … Campaign Attendee
  • Chris Medlin … Chris
  • Tim Van De Walker … Quarterback
  • Dylan Cotter … Biff

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Film Details

Pass the Light, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. SteveB67 says
    27 January 15, 5:31pm

    This looks like revisionist propaganda where the conservative, traditionalist viewpoint is portrayed as hateful and bigoted, while the one supposedly trumping the Gospel is really just giving some meaningless, feel-good, innocuous, “let’s not judge” message, as they judge those they don’t agree with.

  2. Annelie says
    28 January 15, 8:56am

    You can read our review if you want more information on the film. The trailer doesn’t give a complete accuracy of the film. So hard to explain without you seeing the film. There is a balance and Christians must portray love, but they can’t condone sin either. The actual idea of the ‘Pass the Light’ is a great idea. That is the part of the film I really liked.


  3. jess says
    29 January 16, 10:34pm

    i wnt to see the film but i cnt find it any where. Not online, redbox, netflix, or even in thetres. I relly wnt to see it but its not any where to be found. I wish someone would post it online so i cn wtch it.

  4. Annelie says
    31 January 16, 2:41pm

    Sorry can’t find it anywhere just yet for sale.

  5. Jean says
    07 May 16, 12:24am

    Hey does anyone know yet why this movie is literally no where to be found? I have looked everywhere! I want to see this movie so bad:(

  6. Annelie says
    09 May 16, 8:09pm

    Sorry we don’t know either

  7. Michael says
    23 October 16, 12:30pm

    Anyone looking to buy the film, available now at

    Enjoy everyone

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