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Pastor Jones: The Complete 1st Season

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Film Synopsis:

As the head honcho of a vibrant African American parish, Pastor Jones (Jean-Claude La Marre) works hard to keep his opinionated congregation happy, set aside enough quality time with his family and live the way the God wants. In the first season of this inspiring comedy series, Pastor Jones runs into huge headaches with his ex-girlfriend (Vivica A. Fox), who desperately wants to get back together even though he’s married.

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot
Produced – 27 March 2009
Pastor Jones is a saintly young pastor who administers to a small congregation of 200 members at Bethel Anointing, a local community church in Inglewood. Today, Matthew, a young member of the congregation, takes a meeting with Pastor Jones to discuss his new questionable side “job”. Alarmed by the direction this young man is taking, Pastor Jones concocts a plan to address Matthew’s illicit activities. Meanwhile, Tanya shares with her mother, Mrs. Kelly (Sheryl Lee Ralph), that she is growing weary with her role as a “boring” wife of a Pastor. For her forthcoming birthday, she convinces Pastor Jones to take her to a nightclub to celebrate.

Season 1, Episode 2: Judging a Good Book
Produced – 2 April 2009
Pastor Jones receives a visit from Ari Gernstein, a mid level Hollywood agent, who believes that he can take Pastor Jones and the church to a mainstream audience and enlarge its membership. As the Pastor considers this, he must also deal with the possibility of not having his weekly sermon ready for Sunday service. At home later that night, while discussing the matter with his wife Tanya (Trina Mcgee), Pastor Jones receives a visit from his new neighbors, Cee-lo, (Clifton Powell) a reformed pimp and his “wife”, Sugar. Pastor Jones’ life gets a lot more complicated when Ari books him for a commercial.

Season 1, Episode 3: Holy-wood
Produced – 13 April 2009
A new church has opened up across the street from Bethel, and Pastor Jones gets a visit from its new owners, Pastor Renaux (Rudolph Moise) and his wife Maregret (pronounced my-regret). Both admirers of Pastor Jones, their goal is to learn as much about the inner workings of Pastor Jones’ church. Meanwhile, Pastor Jones must prepare himself for his first Hollywood gig- an infomercial for God’s Way. Ari assures the Pastor that this commercial is his church’s ticket to the big time.

Season 1, Episode 4: God’s Visitors
Produced – 27 April 2009
Pastor Renaux and his wife make a return visit to Bethel. This time, they are accompanied by 3 Haitian children, whom they have adopted while filming the infomercial for God’s Way. During their visit, an emergency call requires their immediate attendance. Pastor Jones is left to babysit the 3 Haitian children.

Season 1, Episode 5: Preachin’ To Choir
Produced – 14 May 2009
The Choir director suddenly dies during choir rehearsal, jeopardizing Sunday’s upcoming service. Charles (Kel Mitchell) is charged with the responsibility of hiring the new choir director. He hires Rapper YoYo. This act polarizes the church and mobilizes the elders and Mrs. Kelly against Pastor Jones and the board.

Season 1, Episode 6: Dr. Feelgood
Produced – 8 June 2009
Pastor Jones visits his doctor’s office for a routine exam. He is stunned when he discovers that in his doctor’s absence, he has to be examined by none other than an old high school flame, Dr. Barbara Hunter (Vivica Fox). Dr. Hunter makes it known that she wants her old boyfriend back. The young man of the cloth has to dig deep to avert Dr. Hunter’s advances and escape her relentless pursuit.

Season 1, Episode 7: Attracting the Flock
Produced – 15 June 2009
The church is buzzing about Pastor Jones and Dr. Hunter (Vivica Fox). Rumors are flying everywhere and reach the board members who demand an explanation from the Pastor. Meanwhile, Dr. Hunter is unrelenting. She shows up at the church sets off even more drama among the congregants. Pastor Jones put his foot down before the situation gets out of hand.

Season 1, Episode 8: Fund Raising
Produced – 25 June 2009
The church board members have conflicting ideas on how to raise money to send some of the Youth ministry members on a missionary trip to Africa. Randal Slicke decides to do his own fundraising. He enlists the help of Janice, the church secretary (Martine Jean) and together they plan on raising more money than anyone else in the Church. The fundraisers become a competition and Pastor Jones finds himself to be the most competitive of them all.

Season 1, Episode 9: Easter Sunday
Produced – 1 July 2009
Pastor Jones goes on a fast in preparation for Easter Sunday. He is tempted at every turn with meals from congregation members. Meanwhile, the church members are preparing a big Easter meal to feed the homeless, while Mrs. Kelly prepares for a cake baking showdown with the other members of the congregation.

Season 1, Episode 10: Youth Drama
Produced – 15 July 2009
Tanya decides to get involved in the church’s Youth Ministry activities. The Youth Ministry leaders’ teachings on abstinence are at odds with the elders of the Church. Pastor Alex and the Board try to take over the ministry but the young church members get upset and threaten to leave the church.

Season 1, Episode 11: Rebellion
Produced – 30 July 2009
The Youth Ministry leaders and members remain at odds with the church. They rebel and decide to leave the church and start their own. When they realize how difficult it is they all come back to the church and beg Pastor Jones for forgiveness.

Season 1, Episode 12: Spread The Gossip
Produced – 12 August 2009
Ceelo attends Sunday service at the church. An elderly church member starts a nasty rumor about Ceelo and his “girlfriend”. Things get complicated when Pastor Jones has to get involved to stop the uncontrollable gossip.

Season 1, Episode 13: The Elders
Produced – TBD
Pastor Jones reluctantly takes a much needed vacation. He picks 3 church elders to run the congregation in his absence. While he is gone, the elders impose a number of draconian rules, such as making members attend service every day at 4am. Meanwhile, the elders fall asleep during the services and are oblivious to what is actually happening at the church.

Season 1, Episode 14: Fatal Attraction
Produced – TBD
Pastor Jones tries to offer some encouraging words to a woman who visits his office seeking advice. She has not been able to date due to her sizeable weight. Pastor Jones’ wife Tanya feels sympathy for the woman and suggests that Pastor Jones extends himself and take the woman out for lunch on her birthday. As a result, the woman begins developing feelings for the Pastor who must now retreat from showing his kindness.

Season 1, Episode 15: The Picnic
Produced – TBD
The church organizes its annual picnic. Pastor Jones and Tanya take the opportunity to talk to the congregation about health and better eating habits. Everyone brushes him off as the “scrawny” Pastor who needs to eat a little more. On the day of the picnic, Pastor Jones decides to bring in fitness guru Richard Simmons to motivate his flock.

Season 1, Episode 16: Our Guest
Produced – TBD
Pastor Jones invites a Pastor from another church to give Sunday’s sermon. Deacon Randall Slicke is not happy about that and attempts to sabotage the plan at every turn. The guest Pastor is a young hip hop preacher who draws a big crowd.

Season 1, Episode 17: Changing of the Guard
Produced – TBD
The church decides that Pastor Jones is just too dull and boring. They embrace the guest Pastor and ask him to come and lead the church and make it more hip. Pastor Jones tries very hard to remain at the church but the board votes to oust him. Randal Slicke may not be a big fan of Pastor Jones, but he truly does not like this new Pastor. He is the only one who stands by Pastor Jones.

Season 1, Episode 18: We Missed You
Produced – TBD
The new Pastor gets introduced to Janice the secretary who immediately dislikes him. He starts making some drastic changes around the church. He refuses to wear a robe for Sunday service, he wants dancers at every service and invites guest rappers to perform the church. The church elders do not like all of this and wish they had not let go of Pastor Jones. The new Pastor starts flirting with Janice who quickly puts him in his place. Meanwhile, Pastor Jones decides that he should spread the gospel no matter what, so he preaches on the street corner. The elders find him and beg him to return.

Season 1, Episode 19: The Funeral Must Go On
Produced – TBD
An elderly church member dies. The congregation prepares for the funeral only to realize that no one really liked her. Pastor Jones tries to encourage the board and the congregation to find good things about the dead woman’s life. On the day of the funeral, one by one each attendant airs his or her gripe and dislike for deceased. Pastor Jones steps in to help each person come up with a better way to pay their respects.

Season 1, Episode 20: The Shakedown
Produced – TBD
A gang member joins the church seeking salvation. Pastor Jones happily welcomes him and takes him under his wing. Instead, the gang member threatens Pastor Jones and demands money from the church service.

Season 1, Episode 21: Crazy Days
Produced – TBD
Mrs. Kelly convinces Tanya to become more involved in church activities and truly establish herself as the deserving first lady of the church. Tanya goes to the church every day and bosses church members around. She questions every decision Pastor Jones makes at Board meetings and causes chaos and confusion all around. Pastor Jones has to intervene before things get out of hand.

Season 1, Episode 22: Genesis
Produced – TBD
Pastor Jones struggles with the daily obligations of the church. He starts questioning why he became a Pastor and relives his early days as a young student, his decision to become a man of the cloth and the day he met his wife Tanya.

Season 1, Episode 23: The Wedding Planner
Produced – TBD
A congregation member announces to Pastor Jones that she is engaged to be married. Pastor Jones is happy initially, but then becomes reluctant when he learns the spouse to-be is a non-Christian. While the congregation buzzes around preparing for the happy occasion, Pastor Jones must decide whether or not he will perform the marriage ceremony of the loving couple.

Season 1, Episode 24: Good Verses Evil
Produced – TBD
Pastor Jones starts hearing strange noises in his office, the conference room and in the sanctuary. Pastor Alex suggests that the Church is haunted. Deacon Slicke agrees and suggests that the Church perform an exorcism to get rid of whatever evil spirit is plaguing the church. Pastor Jones must hurry to find out the source of the noise before Randal Slicke goes through with his exorcism plans.

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  1. Sandra Washington says
    26 February 12, 12:18pm

    I’m disappointed in this movie The Complete First Season just watch it and heard soooo much laughing in the back ground seems like it’s was a boot leg dvd purchased from Walmart sad thing was I can’t return it for something else so that was money lost.

  2. John Colbert says
    10 August 13, 9:57am

    Excellent character and plot and I loved the show. It would of been so much better without the audience background noise. Pastor Jones other DVDs are very real and fun to watch like sisters in the spirit, Samson and Delilah without all of the comedies.

  3. asempah daniel says
    22 November 14, 1:48am

    very good keep it up.God richly bless you

  4. asempah daniel says
    22 November 14, 2:06am

    keep the good work

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