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Pastor Shepherd

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Pastor Shepherd

Film Description:

“In this quirky comedy, Shepherd (YouTube sensation Pastor Shepherd) – a struggling door-to-door, freeze-dried pet salesman – lives alone with his elderly, pill-popping, television-junkie mother, who is facing bankruptcy after sending all of her money to smooth-talking televangelists.

After losing his job, he decides to take his ailing mother on a road trip to see her favorite pastor at the End Times Revival. When their free-spirited neighbor Annamarie (Maria-Elena Laas, The Hot Chick) hears of the plan, she and her ill-tempered father Phil (Danny Trejo, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, The Lazarus Papers) tag along to attend the event that promises to transform their fate in ways they never thought possible.

There, Shepherd is inspired to become the first-ever cyber evangelist to solve their financial problems … and to please his mother.”

(Parental Warning for Language)

Film Cast

Actor Character Actor Character
Danny Trejo Phil Harrison Pastor Shepherd Pastor Shepherd
Maria-Elena Laas Annamarie-ah Harrison Diane Hruska Mom
Josh Perry Dewey Sewell Whitney Barry Sensicle
Scott Allen Perry Security Guard Rachel Ayers Amazing Singer
Doc Dachtler Dirk Heartspeaker Clay Blackstone Banjo Man

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Green Apple Entertainment Inc. Representative: Tim Warren
Phone: (561) 218-4703 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 5111 Sabal Gardens Lane Suite 1, Boca Raton, FL 33487

Film Details

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