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Pawn’s Move

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CFDb Review!

Great film, really enjoyable! There is one quote in the film that the girl he meets says that I absolutely love! Check out the CFDb Blog about this film! CFDb Blog!

Film Synopsis:

A story about an awkward young man who inherits his late mentor’s pawn shop and $4 million from a recent collectible. Escaping the clingy money-hungry girlfriend and the devastating death of his mentor, he moves within divine providence and “escapes” to a small town under a new name. There he falls for a girl who “just happens” to arrive on the same day, but their secret pasts and his continual inept abilities with women keep them apart.

He shows kindness to the girl but brings upheaval to the town when his clandestine history is revealed a hole well dug. Recalling the wise words of his mentor that “nothing takes place by chance” and “you have to move through the failure to find the blessing” he reaches for that which he thought he’d never have, the love of a woman.

Original music by John William Doryk – Check out the interview with John William Doryk as well!

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Pawn's Move, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Tom says
    29 September 12, 7:58am

    Decent movie. Good quality. Acting could be a little awkward at times. Found the movie to be slow moving but overall a pretty good family film.

  2. K Alongi says
    24 December 12, 6:52pm

    Great little film! Loved that it was from our own Missouri town of Weston! Nice twist; turns, great storyline, even if a little predictable ..sweet!

  3. 21 January 13, 9:19am

    Sweet movie. Very creative opening. Fun characters.

  4. Lynda says
    24 February 15, 7:01pm

    Found this on Netflix. What a wonderful surprise in the midst of so many mediocre and bad Christian films. Absolutely loved it. Some may think the pacing is slow, but this is an indie-style movie, and it’s wonderfully understated in that way. Charming, heartfelt and real. Make more please!

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