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Pivot Point

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CFDb Review!

This film is not a Christian film, but deals with some very real issues. This is a movie that makes you really think and is a discussion starter. Be prepared with the answers when starting the discussion because there are answers to each of these issues…JESUS is the key but practical help is necessary. The best line is at the pivotal point in the film, you’ll know what it is when you watch it and it’s GREAT! Remember – our choices DO count…for good or for evil. Think about this BEFORE making your choice…

Film Synopsis:

“A psychological drama that follows four high schoolers down a dark ride. As each struggle separately in their own lives they will soon discover that their lives are interconnected in ways they never would have guessed. They also effect each other in unimaginable ways which have devastating consequences.

As they all lay bloody on the floor of their high school, only one question can be asked, “What could have been done to prevent this?” Pivot Point follows each of these characters on an unforgettable journey as they each plod down a lonely road. Only time will tell if they can reach out before it is too late.” (Written by Zach Meiners)

  • Tyler Danyla … Lucas Brown
  • Levi Cox … Sam Hamilton
  • Jordan Cuckler … Olivia Wasner
  • Alexis Hughes … Candice Meyer
  • Tristan Erwin … Landon Habrin
  • Phil Russell … Officer Greg Brown
  • Kermit Knutson … Doug Hoskins
  • Candy Thomas … Krissie Brown
  • Jeff Prater … Mark Wasner
  • Barbara Weisberg … Barbara Hamilton
  • Shannon Kathleen Baker … Jessica
  • Haylie Dabney … Rachel Hamilton
  • Jim Goldener … Nate Hamilton
  • Rachel Hatcher … Katie
  • Nick Hayes … Youth pastor
  • Alex Heath … Jason
  • Emily Heath … Jenny Brown
  • Andrew Hunter … Scott
  • Chris Meiners … Ralph
  • Cindy Meiners … Principal
  • Toly Meiners … Sam Hamilton – young
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Pivot Point, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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