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Power Play

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CFDb Review!

This is one of my most favorite Billy Graham Christian films! It shows how one life following God can impact others.   A new film, “God’s Country” is very similar to this one too! If you like this one, you’ll like “God’s Country!”

Film Synopsis:

That’s Robbie Steele’s motto in life. An ambitious, aggressive attorney with a Vancouver firm, her win-at-all-costs mentality leaves her with a reputation for cutthroat practices, and lands her such nicknames as “Ice Queen” and “The Terminator” among her own colleagues, not to mention the competition.

Robbie’s current challenge is getting the highest dollar possible for her client’s sale of Vancouver’s pro-hockey team. Her ace card is recruiting retired star Cody Harris to sign with the struggling team. What Robbie doesn’t count on, however, is that Harris, whose past reputation as a brawler attracted the fans, has changed – he’s become a Christian.

  • Marietta DePrima … Robbie
  • Ken Olandt … Cody Harris
Company: World Wide Pictures
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Power Play, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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