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Prayer Never Fails

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Prayer Never Fails

Film Description:

Prayer Never Fails – is a gripping legal drama about an up-and-coming high school basketball coach on his way to a record number of wins when he is fired after he risks everything for a player suffering at home.

From Writer/Director Wes Miller, and starring Nick Lashaway (IN TIME) and Minister and Actor Clifton Davis (ANY GIVEN SUNDAY), this story follows the journey of a coach destined to claim his God given calling.

Wes Miller chronicles how from termination to redemption, the single act of prayer leads to the realization that one man will do anything for the students that mean so much to him and that same act will redeem another man who has lost his way.

Release Date: (Select Theaters) January 15, 2016

Release Date: (DVD) TBA

Prayer Never Fails

Film Cast

  • Eric Roberts … Judge Bolden
  • Lorenzo Lamas … Judge Rogers
  • Corbin Bernsen     … Joseph T. Harrington
  • Lynn Whitfield … Loral Hess
  • Cathy Lee Crosby … Nona
  • Clifton Davis … Michael Brown
  • Nick Lashaway … Aiden Paul
  • Vanessa Cure … Georgia
  • Marianne Graves … Dr. Mitchell
  • Jessica Webb … Nancy Rogers
  • Teo Ciltia … Driver
  • Martin Gudz … Doctor
  • Chandler Lane … Trevor
  • Justin Webb … Grady Clemons
  • Patrick Loveless … Dealer
  • Rene Perez … Kurt Rogers
  • Desmond Roberson … Lawyer 1
  • Ted Ensminger … Principal Patterson
  • Alston Kelley … Dan Trout
  • Jessie Goss … Jail Officer
  • Sandy Valladeres … Clerk
  • Della Webb … Spokesperson
  • Reggie Daniels … Juror
  • Troy Stallings … Deputy
  • Joseph Belk … Ron
  • Leshun West … Player
  • Tony Washburn … Officer 1
  • Pat Lightcap … NBA Coach
  • Judith Baldwin … Detective
  • Allison Bennett … Officer 2
  • Bucky Christmas … Pit Boss
  • Jay Lee … Hearing Officer

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Film Details

Prayer Never Fails, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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