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Precious Moments: The Series

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Precious Moments: The Series

Film Description:

Precious Moments: The Series – Timmy, a precocious young angel, stars in several of these inspirational DVDs from the creators of the award-winning Baby Genius brand. Timmy’s adventures accompany an animated retelling of the biblical story of Joseph in this set, which traffics in universal themes such as kindness, courage, friendship, and sharing.

DVDs range between 23 and 30 minutes, the approximate length a child can realistically sit still.

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Precious Moments: The Series DVD/CD

Film Cast

  • Zachary Bostrom … Timmy (voice)
  • Dom DeLuise … Nicodemus (voice)
  • Victor DiMattia … Snowflake (voice)
  • Grant Gelt … Harld (voice)
  • Don Knotts … Titus (voice)
  • Ziad LeFlore … Simon (voice)
  • Jaclyn-Rose Lester … (voice)
  • Billy O’Sullivan … Baruch (voice)

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