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Film Description:

PrimaDina – Dina Louw is an overly self-conscious girl with a seemingly meaningless life. But one day, an interview on television gives her the chance to change all that. Only she misses the most important part of the interview — the part that reveals the guy who will make her a new person. So she goes hunting for him. But who she finds is not who she expects. And what does change is not what she plans.

Premiere Episode – Dina Diary Promo

Episode 1 – The Beginning

Episode 2 – Old Enticements

Episode 3 – Hungover

Episode 3.5 – Just Chat 1 – Forbidden Woman

Episode 4 – Obvious

Episode 5 – Projects

Episode 6 – Just Chat 2 – Abomination

Film Cast

  • Tatiana Harman – Dina,
  • Logan Carson – Jay,
  • Ian Kyle – Conrad,
  • Jacqueline Glick – Mrs. Clay,
  • Kaylyn Aznavorian – Makeup girl,
  • Sarah Glass – Jay’s Sister,
  • Lindsey Register – Open Mic Night Girl,
  • Alex Miller – Background,
  • Arielle Bielicki – Background,
  • Rashael Jones – Restaurant Woman

Film Company Contact Details

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Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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