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CFDb Review:

Loved to see how everything fit together in the end. Read the CFDb Movie Review.


Film Description:

Providence – Rachel and Mitchell both grow up in the small town of Providence. Their paths keep crossing and at one point it looks like they’ll finally get together. But the opportunity slips away and they go their separate ways.

It takes a tragedy many years later before they’re reunited. This time will they let the moment pass or will they take a step of faith and trust God to work a miracle in their lives?

Release Date: (Select Theaters) February 12-18, 2016

Release Date: (DVD) May 24, 2016

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Topic: Romance

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Film Cast

  • Juli Tapken – Adult Rachel
  • Rich Swingle – Adult Mitchell
  • Stacey Bradshaw – Teen Rachel
  • Josh Allen – Teen Mitchell
  • Emily Knapp – Young Rachel
  • Chase Anderson – Young Mitchell
  • Irene Santiago – Edith
  • Rob Wilds – Albert
  • Irene Santiago – Edith Cartwright
  • Patricia Binkley – Grandma Rose
  • Carol Anderson – Penny
  • Nathan Jacobson – Todd
  • Katie Pavao – Amy
  • Cara Carter – Jane
  • Elias Jo’el – Amy’s boyfriend
  • Joey McFaddin – Jane’s boyfriend
  • Rebekah Cook – Yearbook advisor
  • Jenn Gotzon – Herself

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Mainstreet Productions/ Faith Flix Films Representative: Sharon Wilharm
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

Providence, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. 21 January 16, 12:28am

    Oh hey…this movie’s awesome!! You don’t want to miss it!! 😉 ~ Katie (Amy)

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