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Quigley’s Village: The Series

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Quigley’s Village: The Series

Film Description:

Quigley’s Village:The Series – Quigley’s Village is a fun series to teach children ages 2-7 Christian values using live actors and puppets.

Quigley’s Village (Sing Along)

Spikes Grumpy Grumbly Day (kind words)
Enjoy What You Have (contentment)
The Wacky Watermelon Break-In (Fairness)
The Playground Popcorn Explosion (patience)
Bubba and the Big Berry Belly Ache (obedience)
A Christmas Story (the joy of giving)
Lemon and the Kite Flying Catastrophe
Be Kind to One Another (thoughtfulness)
Making New Friends ( friendship)
Spike and the Terrible Tripped-Up Tap Dance (practice makes perfect)
Trundle and the Big City Bungle ( forgiveness)
Spike and the Big Blue Bubble Babble Balloon Machine (sharing)
Danny Buys a Blobit (truth and trust)
The Joy of Giving (giving)
The Super Shoot-for-the-Stars Space Ship (responsibility)
The Great Treehouse Disaster (cooperation)
Spike and the Silly, Mixed-Up Sleepover
Scary Sounds in the Campground (overcoming fear)
Shakeups and Showdowns (working things out)
The Wonder Kids’ Colossal Cash Caper (courage)
Bubba’s Big Banana Cream Crime (resisting temptation)



Film Cast

  • Debra Auger … Molly
  • Robert Auger … Dexter
  • Jim Black …  Danny
  • Rick Carlson …  Mr. Quigley
  • Paul Lessard …  Alex
  • Carla Vaughn …  Dr. Caramore

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