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Reaching From Heaven

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Reaching From Heaven

Film Description:

Reaching From Heaven – is an inspiring and heartwarming movie and features a heavenly cast of familiar Hollywood faces. It opens with a prologue spoken over animated scenes of the planets and stars. As the camera slowly pans down onto planet earth, we hear these words: Can the God whose hand formed the sun and the moon and the stars, whose almighty power holds the rolling spheres in place — can He be concerned about the lives of little men? Can the sovereign of the silent spheres reach down into the lives of men to bring light into their darkness, to proclaim freedom from their fears, and to fill their hearts with the strength of His divine assurance? From the trackless realm beyond the stars we take our downward flight, and out of all of earths millions, we pick one signal solitary man. A little man. A lonely man …

We then meet “the stranger,” a lonely foreigner waiting for his wife and child to join him in America. When word comes that his wife died on the journey and the daughter is coming alone, the stranger desperately reaches out to the neighborhood church. After being shunned by the congregation, he is hit by a car in front of the church. The pastor rallies the congregation to understand that faith is not “Lip service” and to help the stranger regain his self confidence, accept the death of his wife, provide him a home, and help bring his 5 year-old daughter from Europe.

“The Stranger” is effectively and poignantly portrayed by veteran character actor John Qualen (Grapes of Wrath, Casablanca). Regis Toomey is excellent as the pastor, as are Hugh Beaumont (Leave it to Beaver), Margaret Hamilton (Wizard of Oz), George Chandler (Lassie) and Cheryl Walker.

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