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Reading Kate

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Reading Kate

Film Description:

Reading Kate – A down-on-his-luck academic is called to the side of his ex-wife, who may or may not be suffering from a debilitating disease.

Reading Kate, will speak to the average person seeking their place in God’s universe. This film is made in black and white, based on a true story.

In the film, Michael (Moore) is summoned to be with his ex-wife, Kate, who walked away from their marriage fifteen years ago. Now, Kate is suffering from what appears to be a debilitating illness, and wants one more chance to reconcile their relationship. Skeptical, Michael moves forward agreeably, as the two launch into a series of conversations highlighting their conflict, bitterness, jealousy, and hopes.

Moore said, “We loved shooting the kind of movie where we had the freedom to bend a rule or two. It was a liberating workflow, in terms of shooting style, that let us go against convention (for inspirational films) with nods to influences like David Lynch and the Coen Brothers.”

“Reading Kate is a nice ‘little’ film that takes a look at an adversarial relationship between two people who once loved each other – their chance re-connection takes that relationship into some ‘gray area’ hills and valleys that beg for black-and-white answers, not the least of which is: ‘Can an average, non-religious type person hope to be accepted into Heaven when they die, provided they follow all the standard rules?” Worthington added.

Release Date: (DISH Network) January, 2016

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Film Cast

  • Megan Massie … Kelly O’Neill
  • Tom Luce … Reverend Archibald Black
  • Molly Cooley … Dr. Sira Fayed
  • Aiyanna Flowers … Skateboard girl
  • Elizabeth Wallace … Kate (age 9)
  • Anna Wallace … Erin Sullivan
  • Ron Aguiar … Dr. Warnock Chatham
  • Betty Clements … Sister Mary Patrick
  • Bobbie Jo Douglass … Nurse
  • Brandon Gossett … Coffee shop customer #2
  • Ciarra Grigsby … Nurse / barista
  • Natalie Hutcheson … Coffee shop customer #1
  • Richard Carl Jones … Street preacher
  • William Virgil Montgomery … Dream Islander
  • Jefferson Moore … Michael O’Neill
  • Paul Wachter … Dream Wrestler
  • Daniel White … Coffee shop customer #3

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Kelly’s Filmworks Representative: Kelly Worthington Moore Partner
Phone: Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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  1. Karen Horne says
    24 March 17, 7:38pm

    I thought I had watched all the films by Kelly’s Filmworks until I happened to come across Reading Kate. As all your other films there is a message there. The wanting of Kate to make things right with her estranged family before her death was tender, funny and draws you into the story. So many people never resolve difference with others and miss out on the peace and love it can bring. I have loved all your films and watch them over and over. But of all of them I think Reading Kate is my favorite.
    Please continue to make your wonderful films.
    May Our blessed Savior and Lord continue to bless both of you and show you favor.

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