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Similar to “The Stranger” series. 4 separate stories that address different issues. This film really brings out how much Jesus loves us.

Film Synopsis:

All of our lives we’ve been told that life isn’t fair, yet no one has ever bothered to tell us why.

Is life merely a culmination of our own failures, compounded one after another, or are things truly beyond our control? Is there a God? If so, is He truly out there, looking on us lovingly, or does He despise us and laugh as we stumble around in the darkness of our own humanity?

The lives of four individuals unravel as they face a world of consequences both thrust upon them and as a product of their choices. Either way, reality is the result.

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  1. Joshua says
    13 December 11, 9:07am

    like this

  2. Sara Paschal says
    27 November 12, 4:09pm

    I watched this movie and really enjoyed it.. so much that I want to own it and share it with everyone i know.. well long story short i have basically been telling everyone about this movie and no one has heard about it.. but it made me cry and have hope . I have been on a couch do to an work related injury and I needed some hope and i found this movie on netflix . I truly thank you for God’s inspiration to deliver this movie.. i will pray for all who had part in making of this movie.. Thank you so much… Sara Paschal of Elon, North Carolina

  3. linda says
    20 April 13, 7:17pm

    I am looking for this movie in Spanish and Korean is it to be found?
    I love it and want to share it with friends.Linsudy

  4. Annelie says
    22 April 13, 6:58am

    You can purchase this here and you can call 1-800-CHRISTIAN (1-800-247-4784) and ask them about the other languages.


  5. Jason Jeffers says
    27 October 13, 9:03pm

    What’s the name of the artist and song at the end of the scene with Cole carrying his father to his room? I think that the lyric was something like, “…what if you were the only one…”.

  6. Kari says
    05 November 13, 8:50pm

    my husband and I have watched it twice this year…. there aren’t enough amazing things to say…. it’s doesn’t get old…and the sayings between Jesus and the people in it are more powerful than all the acting scenarios, but the acting scenarios are necessary b/c it allows the person who doesn’t think they are worthy, to realize THEY ARE WORTHY….I love this movie and have recommended it highly to all!!

  7. Bj says
    11 January 14, 2:14pm

    Any body have a study guide for this movie to use with youth?

  8. CFDb says
    11 January 14, 3:01pm

    Hi Bj,

    I think Pureflix has one, I would Check with them.

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