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Red Runs the River

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Red Runs the River

Film Description:

Red Runs the River – is the story of two wars – one in the heart of General Richard Ewell and the other on the battlefields. The film portrays the influence of General Stonewall Jackson’s rigorous faith upon profane and unbelieving Ewell.

When Ewell meets God on the battlefield he learns that surrender to God brings true victory. Red Runs the River is a saga of history, humor, and excitement, showing that strong convictions change the course of nations and men.

“Student Tim Rogers was an extra in Red Runs the River and blew off a finger in a stage gun mishap. Concerned for his injury on her set, director Katherine Stenholm visited him in the hospital. He later became a writer for several of her films and ultimately took over as director of Unusual Films when she retired.”

Red Runs the River

Film Cast

  • Bob Jones Jr. – Richard Stoddert Ewell,
  • Bob Jones III – James ‘Jeb’ Stuart,
  • Jack Buttram – Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson,
  • Lonnie Iglesias – Apache,
  • Stephen Green – Charlie

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