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The Red Tent

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CFDb Review:

We do NOT recommend this film strongly.  We only watched about 12 minutes of this film, in which there is idol worship, more deception than was actually in the Bible, and a bad sensual scene that was so unnecessary.

The Red Tent

Film Description:

Lifetime’s miniseries “The Red Tent,” based on the best-selling novel by Anita Diamant, premieres December 7 and December 8 at 9/8c. “The Red Tent” is a sweeping tale that takes place during the times of the Old Testament, told through the eyes of Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob. Airing over two nights, the all-star cast includes Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Minnie Driver (“Return to Zero,” “About a Boy”), Emmy nominee Morena Baccarin (“Homeland”), Golden Globe nominee Rebecca Ferguson (“The White Queen”), Iain Glen (“Game of Thrones”), Will Tudor (“Game of Thrones”) and Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Debra Winger (“Terms of Endearment”).

The miniseries begins with Dinah’s (Ferguson) happy childhood spent inside the red tent where the women of her tribe gather and share the traditions and turmoil of ancient womanhood. The film recounts the story of Dinah’s mothers Leah (Driver), Rachel (Baccarin), Zilpah and Bilhah, the four wives of Jacob (Glen). Dinah matures and experiences an intense love that subsequently leads to a devastating loss, and the fate of her family is forever changed. Winger portrays Rebecca, Jacob’s mother while Tudor stars as Joseph, Dinah’s brother.

“The Red Tent” has sold millions of copies worldwide and has been translated in 28 languages. The novel is a New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today and Entertainment Weekly Top Ten Best Seller.

Although based on a Bible story, it doesn’t really have God in it.

(STRONG Parental Warning!)

Release Date: (Lifetime) December 7, 2014

Release Date: (DVD) March 10, 2015

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Topic: Romance

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The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo

The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo 2

The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo 3

The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo 5

The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo 4

The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo 6

The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo 7

The Red Tent: Lifetime Movie Miniseries Anita Diamant - Photo 8

Film Cast

  • Minnie Driver … Leah (2 episodes)
  • Morena Baccarin … Rachel (2 episodes)
  • Rebecca Ferguson … Dinah (2 episodes)
  • Iain Glen … Jacob (2 episodes)
  • Will Tudor … Joseph (2 episodes)
  • Hiam Abbass … Queen Re-Nefer (2 episodes)
  • Vinette Robinson … Bilhah (2 episodes)
  • Debra Winger … Rebecca (2 episodes)
  • Pedro Lloyd Gardiner … Levi (2 episodes)
  • Saif Al-Warith … Simon (2 episodes)
  • Douglas Rankine … Reuben (2 episodes)
  • Agni Scott … Zilpah (2 episodes)
  • Sofie Golding-Spittle … Werenro (2 episodes)
  • Anas El Baz … Royal Messenger (2 episodes)
  • Will Payne … Jacob (25 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Darwin Shaw … Benia (1 episode)
  • Aiste Gramantaite … Ruti (1 episode)
  • Toby Sebastian … Re-mose (15 Yrs) & (25 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Sean Teale … Shalem (1 episode)
  • Sheila Vand … Meryt (1 episode)
  • Leigh Lawson … Laban (1 episode)
  • Morjana Alaoui … Ahouri (1 episode)
  • Holly Earl … Rachel (16 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Zen Rapley … Re-mose (7 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Caitlin Joseph … Zilpah (18 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Sonia Okacha … Sherya (1 episode)
  • Gabrielle Dempsey … Leah (20 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Tika Peucelle … As-Naat (1 episode)
  • Ilham Oujri … Vaniah (1 episode)
  • Stewart Scudamore … King Hamor (1 episode)
  • Samy Bennis … Benjamin (1 episode)
  • Leni Zieglmeier … Bilhah (12 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Amal Ayouch … Tola (1 episode)
  • Zoë Clark … Dinah (8 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Dermot Keaney … Esau (1 episode)
  • Jan Uddin … Pharaoh (1 episode)
  • Brando Amicucci … Reuben (12 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Dhirren Farmer … Re-mose (4 Yrs) (1 episode)
  • Sammy Bennis … Benjamin (1 episode)
  • Ouidad Elma … Abi (1 episode)
  • Rim Tounssi … Tamar (1 episode)

Film Company Contact Details

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Film Details

The Red Tent, 1.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. George Keys says
    20 December 14, 7:53am

    I would like to purchase the movie.

  2. Annelie says
    21 December 14, 9:11am

    We don’t have a release date just yet.


  3. Kristy Burnett says
    24 December 14, 5:21pm

    This movie was absolutely brilliant!! I have got to own this soon!! It’s not on YouTube, Netflix, or any other websites…apparently it’s been removed from everything due to copyright issues. The only way I can watch it is on the Lifetime app. I can’t wait until it’s released on DVD, Netflix, or something!! I absolutely loved it!! 10 stars for me! So nobody knows when it will be out yet?

  4. Cindy Judkins says
    25 December 14, 8:21pm

    I am in absolute total agreement. I love this movie!! Both my sister and I cannot wait for this to be released on DVD we each want our own copies!! And thank you lifetime for having the courage to stand up against religious rigidity and presenting something that might get people thinking! Women’s should be so fortunate to be so united in today’s time!

  5. Annelie says
    26 December 14, 7:50am

    We were told this doesn’t follow the Bible account and we haven’t seen the movie yet so we aren’t sure yet.


  6. Debbie says
    05 January 15, 8:23pm

    My husband recorded 1st episode, unaware that there was a 2nd. PLEASE RELEASE THE DVD, WE HAVE TO SEE THE REST,!!!!!!!!

  7. Karen says
    12 January 15, 1:38pm

    When will this be ready to purchase a DVD??????

  8. Annelie says
    12 January 15, 4:06pm

    We don’t know yet – did some more research and can’t find the release date on DVD yet.


  9. Amy says
    15 January 15, 8:02am

    Yes, I’m in agreement, can’t wait to own this! Great work!!!

  10. Michael says
    09 May 15, 10:05pm

    25 minutes into the movie I realized this movie is so far from biblical truth. The only thing that is truthful are the names. This is sad. Read your Bibles ladies and stick to the Word of God. God bless you all.

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