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CFDb Review:

Based on a true story, this is a MUST SEE film that all couples should watch as it shows the dangers of imagination.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.


Film Description:

Paul Tyson (Ted McGinley) is a loving husband, devoted father and well-respected businessman on the brink of the biggest deal of his career. But when Julia (Ana Ayora), the breathtakingly beautiful representative sent to manage the buy-out of Paul’s company, Paul finds himself letting their relationship going further than he intended. As the pressures of a crumbling company creep in, and intense new feelings abound, wedding vows get put on the back burner and the question arises… Just what is adultery?

At what point does a relationship move from innocent communication to a potential threat to a marriage?

Release Date: (DVD) September 9, 2014

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Film Cast

  • David A.R. White … David
  • Kevin Downes … Ryan
  • Megan Alexander … Liz
  • Ana Ayora … Julia
  • Teri Copley … Beth
  • Mayuto Correa … Mr. Costa
  • Grant Goodeve … Friend
  • Anne McDaniels … Paul’s Fantasy Date
  • Ted McGinley … Paul
  • Kent McGuire … Banker
  • Karen Peck … Rose
  • Carey Scott … Todd
  • Gibson Bobby Sjobeck … Cooper
  • Cordelia Sonnenschein … Ruby
  • Russell Wolfe … Matt Prudential
  • Terry F. Smith … Wedding Guest

Film Company Contact Details

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Phone: (888) 528-7444 Fax: 480-473-9811
Email: Contact Address: Scottsdale, Arizona

Film Details


Redeemed, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. quanessa says
    13 October 15, 1:57pm

    I am searching for a song that was playing on this movie and I cannot find nor google search. I’m still looking. Lyrics: I wanna see a different me, I wanna change my dream I wanna feel again like it’s supposed to be

  2. Kelechi says
    05 January 17, 6:45am

    Am very much searching for that song. “I wanna see a different me”

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