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Redemption Ride

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Film Synopsis:

A thousand miles can change everything.

After testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs, world-class cyclist Colter Reese thought he had ridden his last mile. While trying to hold on to his last remaining treasure, his ill son Jonah, Colter is visited by a mysterious race representative who offers him a chance to ride once more in a unique, long-distance endurance race.

Desperate for the prize money that would give his son a life-saving operation, Colter sets out on a thousand mile journey that will change everything, starting with himself.

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Redemption Ride, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Annelie says
    23 October 11, 10:35am

    REDEMPTION RIDE – A touching story about redemption and forgiveness. God is truly a God of second chances…

    -CFDb Review-

  2. Philip says
    19 March 12, 2:51pm

    As a christian, and a cyclist, this film appealed to me. It has a reasonable storyline, albeit not spectacular. Typical feel-good faith movie. My main gripe is that whoever produced this movie knows very little of the cycling scene. Numerous mistakes abound, and if you want to encourage christians who cycle, or witness about your faith to a fellow cyclist, this film isn’t it. It just is not credible. Its about a Tour de France winner by someone who obviously has never seen a professional road cycle race. The main character cycles a 1000 mile endurance race across america on a bike with tri-bars for goodness sake! And he’s wearing mountain bike clothing!…if you just like nice faith-based family friendly films, go enjoy. If you know a jot about cycling – avoid, you’ll be too embarrassed.

  3. Squire says
    25 November 15, 5:07pm

    This is the second worst movie I’ve seen it my life. I’m not even joking, and I seek out bad movies. It has an utterly ridiculous plot and some of the worst acting I’ve ever encountered. It tires to make Christianity into something it’s not. What more, it sends problematic messages. Yes I’m a Christian. I love Jesus with all my heart, but this movie is attrocious.

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