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Redemption Way

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CFDb Review:

After reviewing this great script, looking forward to seeing this film sharing hope and healing after a faith crisis.

A great story! An excellent reminder of how God always finds a way!
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Redemption Way

Film Description:

Jenny Paine is a hospice nurse who feels it is her mission to safely deliver souls into the next life. However, when her childhood friend Autumn is put on hospice, Jenny’s attempts at sharing her Christian faith are angrily rejected.

Feelings of helplessness extend to other areas of Jenny’s life as well. She longs for children, but her husband doesn’t feel ready financially, and Jenny’s chance for a promotion at work is being sabotaged by a scheming co-worker.

With time running out, Jenny must place her faith in God by making a life-changing sacrifice.

Release Date: (DVD) September 05, 2017

***Premier: Saturday, August 12 at Film Row Cinema in Chicago.
One night only!**
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Film Cast

  • Kaitlyn Griggs … Jenny Paine
  • Brian Sheridan … Todd Paine
  • Rose Sengenberger … Autumn Cooper
  • Lisa McConnell … Marilyn Turner
  • Mimi Sagadin … Gwen Pluth
  • Suzanne C Johnson … Mrs. Cooper
  • Ruth Kaufman … Barbara
  • Gary Smiley … Uncle Ed
  • C Lynn Johnson … Mrs. Cynthia Parker
  • Deborah S Brooks … Mrs. Parker’s sister
  • Kanisha Brookins … Keke
  • Tom McCarthy … Pastor Greg
  • Lori Klinka … Adoption coordinator
  • Roberta Kamp … Doctor
  • Sean Nordsell … Personal Banker

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Film Details

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