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Refuge From The Storm

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Refuge From The Storm

Film Description:

Refuge from the Storm is a riveting drama of life and emotion. Linda (Kristen Quintrall) the daughter of an affluent American family is left a shell of her former self by spiritual forces beyond her control. Linda meets Aspiring writer Steve Grecco (Michael Madsen) while working for Katrine (Jane Santos) at Midnight Moon.

Steve who has been looking for the “Meaning of Life,” gets pulled into a world of drugs and spiritual darkness propagated by Katrine. Meanwhile Linda begins to see beyond Katrine’s world, with the knowledge she receives from a total stranger. With her new understanding she turns her life around and unknowingly changes the course of many lives along the way. The world would little notice the work she accomplished except for those she touched.

Parental Warning

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Topic: True Films

Refuge From The Storm - Christian Movie/Film - Banner

Refuge From The Storm - Christian Movie/Film - Photo

Refuge From The Storm - Christian Movie/Film - Banner 2

Film Cast

  • Michael Madsen … Steve Grecco
  • Kristen Quintrall … Linda
  • Jane Santos … Katrine
  • Aaron Massey … Julius
  • Christian Madsen … Sam
  • Angie Jerez … Marah
  • Ryan Davis … Ted
  • Marie Andersen … Sandra-Linda’s Mom
  • Ellie Barrett … Young Linda
  • Paul Kaitson … Danny
  • Alicia Tulles … Nurse Liz
  • Ericka Zepeda … Ann
  • Andra Jacques … Shelly
  • Steve Alden … Lyle
  • Olivia Lewis … Young Shelly

Film Company Contact Details

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Phone: (760) 643-0850 Fax:
Email: Contact Address:

Film Details


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  1. 29 June 13, 1:41am

    This film must be watched carefully, in order to see how easily it is to fall into a situation that seems to have no way out. But the good thing is that we learn that there is always hope and, of course, a way out.

    I, too, were trapped in a jungle of drunkenness and abuse. The nightmares were as bad as the reality of each day in the place my parents called home. But at my worst moment, I remembered my mother saying that faith in God could save anyone. With those words in my, I made my escape. Yes, I had a hard and cruel road ahead, but to this day, I believe that my strong faith has guided me all these years.

    The list of the people I have helped just by going back to that jungle and rescue those who had not been able to escape is longer than I could write in this small window. However, by reading the book, titled: BEYOND MUD AND VINES, anyone can find out why I feel this way about the film: Refuge from the Storm. Yes, storms come in different forms, and they all leave wounds that hurt forever, but we learn from such wounds.

    Sincerely, Jacqueline

  2. Anu says
    12 September 13, 9:10pm

    How can I get this Movie. (refuge from the storm)

  3. Annelie says
    13 September 13, 10:39am

    Check here for a list of theaters and to have a screener shown in your city.


  4. 14 January 15, 5:38pm

    Movie releases for DVD, Blu-ray, Digital nationally on February 10th, 2015! Check out our Facebook page for the latest details.

  5. Bill says
    18 February 15, 3:05pm

    who’s life was this movie based on?

  6. Annelie says
    18 February 15, 4:39pm

    Great question – anyone know?


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