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Reggie’s Prayer

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CFDb Review:

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Film Synopsis:

Due to the death of a young child involved in a convenience store robbery, football superstar, Reggie Knox (Reggie White), retires at the top of his game to become a coach and a 10th grade history teacher, at principal Oaski’s (Pat Morita) inner city high school.

Mr. Portola (The Giant), the neighborhood thug, has been recruiting kids into the fringes of street crime. When a football player gets tangled up in Portola’s underworld schemes, the boy is kidnapped. A wilderness chase puts Reggie against Portola, while the life of a 16-year-old boy hangs in the balance between good and evil.

Reggie’s strong Christian faith as well as his love for God’s children is a powerful testament in this inspirational family film. Taking a lesson from Jesus’ “Parable of the Lost Sheep”, Reggie shows all of us that salvation for even one child (or lost sheep) is more important than any material possession including winning a Super Bowl ring.

  • Cylk Cozart … Assistant Coach
  • Allan Creel … Dr. Richardson
  • Emilio Delgado … Stadium Announcer
  • Brett Favre … Janitor
  • Mark Friedrichsen … Det. Handley
  • Roosevelt Grier … Rev. Jeremiah Knox
  • Willie Halliburton … Referee
  • M.C. Hammer … Ranger
  • Mike Holmgren … Janitor
  • Keith Jackson … Assistant Coach
  • Rick Jensen … Train station attendant
  • SiSi Johnson … Yvette Fess
  • Wesley Johnson … Ben
  • Melba Joyce … Esther Mae Fess
  • Pat Morita … Principal
  • Bryce Paup … Cop
  • Mel Renfro … Dr. Walker
  • Tim Ring … Reporter
  • Willie Roaf … Willie Haystack
  • Marc Anthony Samuel … Taylor Lincoln
  • Derek Sitter … Rooker
  • Chanda Watts … Aisha
  • Reggie White … Reggie Knox
  • Sara White … Sara Knox
  • Paul Wight … Mr. Portola
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Reggie's Prayer, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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