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CFDb Review!

This film has a good Christian message, if you like horror films, this film has the blood and killing as other films, but with a message. Because of the strong topics covered and blood, we do not recommend Remake to families or the average Christian film viewer.

Film Description:

After their adult daughter Megan is kidnapped by a serial killer / Snuff filmmaker, Pastor Carl Slayton and his wife Rita must try to find a way to defeat the killer and rescue Megan. But the killer has access to police information and he’ll kill Megan if they report the crime, so they’re on their own. And, the kidnapping was not random. Rita has a secret past that she’s never revealed to her husband. So even though the clock is ticking, there’s a need for unconditional forgiveness and reconciliation before the Slaytons can get on the same page about the rescue.

“We added this film to CFDb because there is a young woman who makes some strong statements for God, as well as other people in the film. This film talks a lot about the making of snuff films and prostitution, I have never seen a film ask the questions most are afraid to ask as Remake does. These things are real, just not talked about. Can you trust God, even when being killed for a snuff film?” CFDb

(Strong Parental Warning! Killing/Much Blood)

How you can help – Hookers for Jesus!

  • Kelly Barry-Miller – Rita Slayton
  • Dani Palmer – Megan Slayton
  • Joel Thingvall – Joe Booker
  • Doug Phillips – Pastor Carl Slayton
  • Donna Marie Beard – Julie Booker
  • D. J. Burgduff – Tony Rowe
  • Heather D. Amos – Larissa “Schottsie” Booker
  • H. T. Altman – Detective Lieutenant Frank Beltrane
  • Faith Udeh – Detective Diane Ripley
  • Lisa Pechmiller – Ellie Mae
  • Kate Cloutier – Colleen DeRidder
  • Sarah Burgduff – Number 27
  • Hope Kimmel – Number 26
  • Theresa Anne Stecker – Number 25
  • Angela Walberg – Number 24
  • Roxanne Williams – Roxy
  • Andy Winters – Jerry
  • Heidi Gyllen – Officer Jill Benge
  • Heather Surdukan – Woman on TV
  • Rebecca Phillips – Baby Megan Slayton
Company: Northern Iron Productions
Contact Person: Doug Phillips
Email: Email Contact

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