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Remember The Goal

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Remember The Goal

Film Description:

Remember The Goal is an inspirational sports drama about a girls cross country team.

A new Coach takes over the girls cross country program at a private Christian school and sets a goal for them to win the state meet. As they begin to train for this, the top five runners each deal separately with a particular issue in life related to teens. As each of these stories unfold, so does the wisdom of the young Coach as she guides the girls along the pathway of life.

The main issues presented in this movie apply to all athletes and all sports! It shares insight on 4 different life lessons for teens and 2 for parenting. The movie also presents a principle for coaches that could change the way they run their teams.

Release Date: (Select Theaters) August 26, 2016

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Topic: Sports

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Film Cast

  • Allee-Sutton Hethcoat – Coach Courtney Smith-Donnelly
  • Quinn Alexis – Anna Glass
  • Sydney Marks – Heidi Olson
  • Jayla Palmer – Shelby Opal
  • Lacy Hartselle – Kristen Sims
  • McKensie Miller – Katelyn Vann
  • Margaret Tant – Rebecca Shackelford

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Five and Two Pictures Representative: Dave Christiano
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Email: Contact Address:

Film Details

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  1. Scott Barker says
    24 October 16, 1:31pm

    I watched this movie with my son recently. I coach HS cross country and he is an avid runner. We both loved this movie and the message it delivers. I hope it comes out on DVD one day so I can make a point to show it each season to the teams I coach since it brings home the message I strive to reach the athletes with every year.

  2. Desiree says
    24 October 16, 1:40pm

    Hi Scott,

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, it is definitely a good movie! We are doing our best to keep up with all the film releases, being a new movie I would say to check back in January – hopefully we’ll be able to post a DVD release date by then. 🙂


  3. Isaac Aeppli says
    10 November 17, 3:34pm

    Definitely love this movie, Avid runner later in life. This movie is one to watch for multiple reasons and multiple ages, Very intriguing stars.

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