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Film Description:

Captain Carl Onoway is an enforcer for a future totalitarian state, who takes memory blocking drugs so he won’t remember that HE is the one breaking kids free and reuniting them with their parents.

In the year 2050 we are recovering from a catastrophic economic disaster, and population implosion. We take memory blocking drugs to cope, trade our freedom for security, and have given the state control of all children at birth to ensure that they all become contributing members of society.

Captain Carl Onoway’s job is to protect children from adults who attempt to break free from society’s mould and reunite with their children. Following a traumatic incident Carl, receives a series of unusual messages that challenge him to remember his past, question his beliefs about families and lead him to play a double role that not even he himself suspects. What is a man to do when he finds himself on the right side of the laws of man, but on the wrong side of the truth?

Re-Release Date: (DVD) September 1, 2015


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Film Cast

  • Bill Daugherty – Doctor
  • Stephen Elerbeck – Tom, Man in the Shadows
  • Rick Borger – Vader
  • Justin Lewis – Carl
  • Scott Heatcoat – Andrew
  • Diana-Marie Stolz – Ms. Monks
  • Rachel Peacock – Wendy

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Green Apple Entertainment Inc. Representative: Tim Warren
Phone: (561) 218-4703 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 5111 Sabal Gardens Lane, Suite 1, Boca Raton, FL 33487

Film Details

Remember, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. ebony says
    23 November 14, 3:30am

    I really want to watch this movie. How on earth can I watch it. please email me

  2. Annelie says
    23 November 14, 8:39am

    Try e-mailing – I think they are re releasing this film but they may have one for you to purchase now as it’s not available on Amazon right now.


  3. 04 March 17, 3:07pm

    Great storyline. Artwork and CGA off to a great start. As I recall, the set diminished in quality toward the end (the dorm scenes). Interesting crunchy ice audio, too! I think something alternate to the huge Bible would have worked for the ‘symbolic’ Bible that was the source and stabilizer for the believers.

    Certain parts of the dictatorships ‘sacred oaths’ etc are so well written they should be studied today to keep governments in check.

    Marcus Sanford
    script developer

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