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Rescue Us

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Film Synopsis:

“Rescue Us” is an inspirational story that takes you from recovery to Redemption. This will touch the lives of anyone who suffers or knows someone who suffers from alcoholism or other addictions. The story takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, otherwise known has “sin city,” where alcohol and gambling is all around you. Only by grace, through faith, can this family be saved.

Joshua, a private airline pilot, has a beautiful wife and a son, named Sammy, which he would give his life for. When Sammy was first born something very tragic happened and Joshua did not know how to deal with it. He never imagined that things could get any worse until the day Sammy was diagnosed. There’s only one thing that Josh feels he needs to take away his pain, for a time.

Josh and his wife Beth would enjoy a drink now and then but Beth didn’t realize how much he was drinking until she catches him in some lies. When she finds out she pleads with him to get help but he refuses there’s a problem. In order to protect herself and Sammy she asks Josh to leave.

Joshua finds himself on the streets and meets one person who gives him two choices. Josh’s ultimate decision will affect him and his family for the rest of their lives.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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  1. Pastor Nick says
    16 January 13, 7:39am

    As a pastors we get to here a lot of problems in peoples lives, but the wonderful part of it is how God turns it around, and after reading on this movie Rescue Me and hearing the pastor talk about It I said that is one movie I need to get, looking forward on the release date, its what one of the guys i’m ministrering to is living right now, My question is do you know when it will be released, Thank you and God bless you all keep it up.

  2. Annelie says
    16 January 13, 9:44am

    We’ve just emailed the Company to try and find out a release date. Hopefully we’ll hear something back shortly.


  3. Pastor Nick says
    04 February 13, 9:13am

    I was just checking if any word yet on the release date on this movie yet (Rescue Us) thank you and God bless

  4. Annelie says
    04 February 13, 9:43am

    You just need to look under the synopsis for updates – the date will be added just as soon as we have a release date. You can also subscribe to our newsletter which will give the upcoming films for that month.


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    06 August 13, 8:38pm

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