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Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine

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CFDb Review:

We don’t find the truth, the truth finds us…and that truth is Jesus.  Very informative.

Film Synopsis:

The movie captures the 70-year-old Augustine in 430 A.D. as the bishop of Hippo telling of his conversion to Christianity to Jovinus, a Roman guard captain. In his youth in Roman North Africa, Augustine was becoming a narcissist eager for prominence. After Augustine left the church as a youngster, his mother Monica played the most important role in his reversion back to Christianity. She prayed that “one day, we will be united in our faith.”

Young Augustine left to Carthage and became a great orator and lawyer. He began his condemned relationship with a slave woman he couldn’t marry with whom he had a son with. As a lawyer, Augustine convinced the acquittal of a man accused of assaulting his wife, whom the man later murders. After returning home with his mistress and son, he becomes the emperor’s orator. Augustine leaves without his mistress and son and finally loses them.

After witnessing the murders of innocent Christians while the Roman army seizes the Basilica in Milan to weaken Bishop Ambrose, Augustine scorns the murders before the young emperor and walks out. Augustine now stops talking and begins to listen to Bishop Ambrose words to “let the truth find” him. After Augustine’s baptism, the bishop tells Augustine that God expects more from him due to his gift to communicate and entrusts Augustine to a jar of ink. “Use it all,” encourages Bishop Ambrose.

In this films most commanding moment, now-Bishop Augustine dialogues against the Donatist, an emerging sect he struggled with for years. In this skilled debate, a path to truth will be decided. The conclusion of the movie is set back to Hippo, where Bishop Augustine urges a negotiation with King Genseric before Hippo is attacked by the king’s Vandal raiders. However, the Roman garrison refuses to negotiate with the Vandal king. As Augustine’s jar of ink runs empty, will he decide to escape on a ship sent by the Pope or stay with his people?

Restless Heart chronicles the fall of the Roman civilization as Augustine builds the intellectual framework that shaped Europe. Calvinist, along with many other Protestants, views Augustine as a theological father of the Reformation, especially due to his explanations on salvation and divine grace. He is a saint among the Catholic, Orthodox and Anglican churches and is considered a Doctor of the Church. His works, Confessions and City of God are still important classics of the Christian faith today.

“Restless Heart is based on the most profound writings of St. Augustine of Hippo. Augustine led a life void of a moral compass, followed the Manichaean religion that opposed Christianity and held the most distinguished academic position in the western world before his conversion to Christianity.” by Mark Brumley

Release Date: (DVD) November 15, 2013

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Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Mariel says
    02 September 12, 1:17am

    when’s the release date??? i want to buy this now!

  2. Annelie says
    02 September 12, 7:42am

    You can find out how to bring this film to your area at this website: There is no release day yet.


  3. Linda T. says
    10 September 12, 8:39pm

    Why isn’t there a DVD release date to purchase this film, and why can’t this film, like any other epic drama film, be viewed at local theaters around the nation, without first encouraging Catholic or other denominational religious and private organizations or sectors to show this film?!
    Remember going to our local theater and viewing “The Ten Commandments”, “Ben Hur”, “Joan of Arc”, “Song of Bernadette”, “The Nativity”, and more recently in 2004, “The Passion of the Christ”?
    What has happened when only drugs, violence, sex, greed, and money is encouraged by the film making industry, but the word Bible and God is taboo and omitted in our literary culture?
    I will bet you that religious epic movies have made hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars more profit, than any one of the above mentioned.
    I’m waiting hopelessly for an epic movie to be made on the life of St. Frances Xavier Mother Cabrini. Italian actress Sophia Loren was many years ago chosen to play the role, but unfortunately, the movie was never made.

  4. Annelie says
    11 September 12, 11:44am

    There are so many things that have to take place in getting a release date, and so many things that can go wrong. I would say it’s similar to having a house built from scratch. I haven’t had that done yet but I have many friends who have and it’s rather nightmarish the problems that can come up during construction.

    We can pray for the Christian movie makers and help support them financially, as well as attending the theater showings when they are available. Sometimes the Christians support the secular films more than the Christian ones and this is part of the difficuly. I wish I had a better answer for you but since we don’t actually make any of these films, it’s hard to know for sure.

    Of course there is the option of hosting a screening of this film which may help in bringing about a release date faster. In order to do that, contact The Maximum Group at 678-990-9032


  5. Marvalee Cooper says
    06 December 12, 7:50pm

    This would make a marvelous Christmas gift!

  6. KMO says
    21 December 12, 8:30pm

    I agree with many of the other commenters. Having built a few houses, they are not all that difficult with prior proper planning. Many films today are released only on DVD because the sales help recoup production costs. In this film’s case the producers will make a profit with DVD distribution, as well as achieve broader acclaim to be able to further their incredible production efforts.

  7. pauline says
    11 February 13, 6:19pm

    where can I download an english version?

  8. Annelie says
    11 February 13, 6:29pm

    This film is not out yet – this is what the website says:

    RESTLESS HEART: The Confessions of Augustine is an epic film with production values that make it perfect for theatrical screenings. Your community deserves to experience this inspiring true story – based on St. Augustine’s own writings – on the big screen in a local theater.

    You can make that happen by hosting a theatrical screening in your area! To learn the steps involved in scheduling and hosting a successful screening of this amazing film, contact Ignatius Press at 1-866-431-1531 ext. 5 or

  9. PATICK M GOHL says
    01 July 13, 11:33pm

    he movie has been availlable for many months under the title ” SAN AUGUSTIN ” as a 2 disc miniseries same exact movie in spanish with spoken languages in english and spanish for about $18 to $20

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