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Film Description:

A suicidal girl falls in love with a fallen angel.

Naomi Vista is an accomplished flutist, with a scholarship to one of the best music academies in the world. Just before her enrolment, both her parents die, throwing Naomi into a pit of despair. At the academy, Naomi is magnetically drawn to Raphael, a quiet and ethereal stranger. However, Raphael is not what he seems, he is a fallen angel.

Through Raphael’s guidance, Naomi rediscovers a love for life, however, this has attracted the attention of a gang of fallen angels that Raphael left years ago. The gang is led by Raphael’s brother, Demeteri but it is Kyber, a bitter rival, who is intent on finishing what he started eight hundred years ago, to destroy Raphael.

Meanwhile, the gang of fallen angels led by Demeteri are instigating a gang war in London to oust the current gangland leader with a man of their choosing – Eddie. Eddie is a lovable loser who after being manipulated by the fallen angels becomes a cold hearted killer.

Set against the backdrop of a London gang war, Naomi and Raphael embark on a love story that will change them both forever.

Release Date: (DVD) September 5, 2017!

Film Cast

  • Amar Adatia … Kyber
  • Calum Best … Demeteri
  • Alex Reid … Eddie
  • Funda Onal … Amber Paris
  • Anita Kaushik … Stephanie
  • Jake White … Raphael
  • Ayvianna Snow … Naomi
  • Luke White … Alba
  • David Haydn … Danny Bell
  • Reuben Beau Davies … Gustav
  • Michael Gonsalves … Telos
  • Daniel Malawi … Micah
  • Barney Cooper … Samuel
  • Jay Sentrosi … Isaiah
  • Mark Kempson … Professor Hughes
  • Jonny Neal … Magine
  • Ancuta Breaban … Sara

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Jaffa Film Entertainment Ltd Representative: Christine Edwards
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Film Details

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