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The Rev

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The Rev

Film Description:

Every Church Needs A Little Spirit

Johnny Starr is The Rev, a white evangelist who was adopted and raised in Arkansas by a devout black family. As Johnny grows older, he’s torn between his desire to preach the Gospel or play rock and roll.

Leaving his career and talent agent in Las Vegas, Johnny takes his mama and his bright red Cadillac to a small, poor church in upstate New York. There, he seeks to awaken the congregation spiritually with his unique preaching style and save Jubilation Hall from being taken over by the local mega-church’s head pastor.

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Film Cast

  • John Carmen … Johnny Star
  • John Ellison … Billy
  • Ronda Armatrading … Willemina Brown
  • Jesse Brooks … Desmond
  • Diane L. Daniel … Marge
  • Luisa Diaz … Ferrarri
  • Rachel Ellison … Lesley
  • Paul Fowles … Charlie
  • Janine Heaven … Amanda
  • D.J. Jones … Milt
  • Sistah Lois … Matty
  • Colin Madden … Chester
  • Norman McIsaac … The Old Man
  • Tony Rauchberger … Brian
  • Samantha Schlosser … Angel
  • Mark Stenabaugh … Rev. Farland
  • Garry Warden … Capt. Crowley
  • William Yong … Gas station attendent

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Film Details

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