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Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire

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Rating: 4.9/5 (7 votes cast)

CFDb Review:

Fantastic message, great film, a must see! We hope they make a 3rd! Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire

Film Description:

Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire – Continues the thrilling odyssey of JOSH MCMANUS (David A. R. White) to return home to his wife and daughter. Chasing Josh at every turn is the brutal outlaw HAWG (Brian Bosworth) and his rolling gang of killers.

On the day after the Biblical rapture, law and order have broken down – the highways have become a no-mans-land of bandits and looters. Josh’s world has been shaken to the core, and he must make a choice, embrace his past as a man of violence, or learn a new path and become a man of faith. Which will he choose?

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Topic: End Time Events


Indy Christian Film Review: by Zack Lawrence

Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire: Christian Movie Film on DVD/Blu-ray


Watch Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire Movie II

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Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire: Christian Movie Film 2

Brian Bosworth well aware NFL players can fall victim to image trap

Film Cast

  • David A.R. White … Josh McManus
  • Brian Bosworth … Hawg
  • Logan White … Cat
  • Steve Borden … Junkyard
  • Roberta Bassin … Kathy Jensen
  • Noell Coet … Beth
  • Jen Lilley … Rachel McManus
  • Eliza Roberts … Marion
  • Ryan Alosio … John Dean Carver
  • Koby Azarly … Taliban Soldier
  • Jordana Capra … Dr. Cynthia Sloan
  • Erik Carapert … Taliban Soldier
  • Kass Connors … Taliban Soldier
  • William Devital … Taliban Soldier
  • Jerry Farmer … Scab
  • David ‘Shark’ Fralick … Onionhead
  • Madison Gibney … Maureen
  • Michael Gier … Bill
  • Kyle Hester … Captive Biker
  • Kevin Hoffmann … Dr. Conoway
  • Mark Irvingsen … Irving
  • David Kallaway … Taliban Soldier
  • Ron Kari … Crab
  • Michael John Lane … Crazy Jack
  • Frederick Lawrence … Zeb
  • Morgan Leslie … Gail
  • Bruce Marchiano … The Stranger
  • Dave Marlin … Murzad
  • Lorin McCraley … Frog
  • Tracy Melchior … Lynette
  • Robert Miano … Narrator (voice)
  • Joseph Lee Michael … Mearle
  • Monte Rex Perlin … Griz
  • David Pires … Todd
  • Sarah Prikryl … Nikki
  • Leticia Robles … Claudia
  • Carey Scott … Deputy Cooper
  • Laksh Singh … Dinesh
  • Dave Vescio … Dale
  • Dea Vise … Tammy
  • Maverick Von Haug … Meat
  • Ray Wise … Frank
  • Russell Wolfe … Lieutenant Parsons

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Pure Flix Entertainment Representative:
Phone: 1 480 991 2258 Fax: 1 480 473 9811
Email: Contact Address: 15300 N 90th St., Suite 900, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Film Details

Continues the thrilling odyssey of JOSH MCMANUS (David A. R. White) to return home to his wife and daughter. Chasing Josh at every turn is the brutal outlaw HAWG (Brian Bosworth) and his rolling gang of killers.

Genre: Action, Drama, End Time Events | Duration: | Release Date: July 12, 2013 | MPAA Rating: Not Rated | Watch Trailer | Cover Image

Production Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
Writer: Gabriel Sabloff, Sean Paul Murphy
Director: Gabriel Sabloff
Starring: Brian Bosworth, Bruce Marchiano, David A.R. White, Steve “Sting” Borden
Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire, 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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  1. Susan Martin says
    13 March 13, 7:36pm

    I loved the Revelation Road movie but where is part 2??? I want it now!!!

  2. kathleen says
    13 March 13, 7:50pm

    i want to know when will revelation road part 2 come in ? the revelation road part 1 is very good now i want know when next part 2


  3. Annelie says
    14 March 13, 1:28pm

    Not quite sure on the date – I’m looking forward to it as well


  4. Nathaniel says
    15 March 13, 4:09pm

    just watched Revelation Road 1. Was awesome. May God continue to bless the actors and crew who made the movie. Can`t wait to see part two.

  5. Doris says
    15 March 13, 7:35pm

    Please tell me that part 2 will be soon~!!!

  6. Annelie says
    17 March 13, 6:48am

    Should be soon 🙂

  7. highly phavored says
    17 March 13, 5:53pm

    this movie was absolutely awesome. It was like an updated version of left behind, which was also an excellent movie for its time. Can’t wait for part 2

  8. cherice says
    18 March 13, 6:51pm

    i want part two of revelation road

  9. Whitney says
    19 March 13, 11:35am

    Thank you and GOD bless you and your work!

  10. Jeffrey says
    19 March 13, 10:48pm

    Incredible story and intense action. Follow after Jesus, He’s got you covered!

  11. Jeff McKeown says
    21 March 13, 7:03am

    Just watched Revelation Road: Beginning of the End and thought it was a fantastic movie, David has always been a great actor and continues to do God’s work spreading the Gospel through movies that many will probably watch even after the rapture trying to figure out where all of us Christian went to. Thank You Pure Flix for your commitment to share Jesus with a dying and hurting world. I eagerly await Revelation Road 2.
    Jeff McKeown

  12. john says
    21 March 13, 10:25am

    I have been have a fight with my mind and so many question ask but not seeming to get the answers, then I found The Encounter yesterday today Revelation Road its as if I am getting my answers and I know some may think I am a fool. But I would like to be a fool in Heaven then Hell try looking for part two cannot find just have to do what the book said all prays are answers but may be not right away so we can understand.
    Jeff McKeown the I believe the answer is Heaven its in Revelation 3:3 peace to you

  13. Carol says
    22 March 13, 8:14pm

    We just watched Revelation Road – Beginning of the End great movie!!! We are looking forward to Revelation Road 2 Sea of Glass. Hope it is not to much longer. Great story line. Jesus is the bridge to peace. God bless you all.

  14. Aaron says
    23 March 13, 12:01am

    It was a good movie, and action movie at that. It was decent overall. BUT, it is doctrinely incorrect, and should not be shown as a movie to direct the lost to salvation. Maybe it can help to raise some questions, but let’s face it, God’s Word shall not return void.

    1. The Lord shall come as a thief in the night, in the twinkling of an eye. Neither of these happened. It was a slow, dramatic process. I understand it’s a movie, and it needs drama, but this is incorrect doctrine to try and reach the lost with. This is mentioned in I Thessalonians chapter 5, that the dead in Christ shall rise first, then we which remain shall be caught up in the air together with the Lord forever more. It also mentions that the Lord will come as a thief in the night to take us home.

    2. Once Christ returns, there is NO hope of salvation, such as was portrayed with Elizabeth. There are no second chances. The Bible says that the even the elect would be deceived by the events of the end times if we were to be present during these times. What makes us think that a lost persons’ eyes would be opened to the deceit happening at this time. Especially now that the Holy Spirit has been removed from the presence of the earth during this time. There will be no conviction of sin and wrong doing during these last days.

    3. Continual revelation is taught in this movie with Jesus’ appearance to Elizabeth in the last stages of the movie. The book of Revelation makes it clear that Jesus will not set foot on the earth until the battle of Armageddon, where the armies of the world will be slaughtered in one fell swoop, and the blood will be waist deep.

    The movie was trued in form to the Wars and rumors of wars, pestilences, famine that the Book of Matthew references in the last days, as a sign that Jesus left to his disciples for his return.

    Overall, it was a good action movie, but it was a poor message to try and reach the lost with.

    My rating for the movie, as a movie: B+
    My rating for the movie as a method to reach the lost: F

  15. william says
    23 March 13, 8:44am

    wonderful movie.

  16. Dareana says
    23 March 13, 4:29pm

    Wow… that was a good movie… came online to buy the 2nd part but its not released yet! Hope its released soon 🙂

  17. Kyle says
    23 March 13, 8:43pm

    Wow what a movie. Just what I needed to see. Thank You! Can’t wait to see number 2

  18. John Monckton says
    23 March 13, 10:30pm

    It’s funny how God works. I have been on a quest to know God better via the Bible, church, Bible study anything I could think of to help quench my thirst for God. My journey has not gone very well, and I have gotten extremely frustrated, which has left me very depressed. This evening my wife and I decided to walk around Blockbuster to waste time, and I came across Revelation Road.It’s exactly what I needed at the exact time I needed it most. Thank you Lord, for knowing what I need and when I need it.

  19. Annelie says
    24 March 13, 7:43am

    God provides 🙂 Thanks for sharing that!


  20. Annelie says
    24 March 13, 7:48am

    There are very few Christian movies that are Doctrinal. These movies aren’t meant to be Doctrinal. They are meant to strengthen a Christian’s relationship with God, or get a non believer to begin thinking about God or drawing you to read the Bible for truth which is what God truly wants.


  21. Robert Seibert says
    24 March 13, 11:41am

    Great movie,, I was not exspecting a Christian movie and the action was great along with the acting… BUT really ticked off watching a movie that dosen’t let you know thats it’s not complete, since when does netflix have a movie available that ends half way thru with no part 2????? But I still give it 5 stars….. praise to our Lord 🙂

  22. jason says
    24 March 13, 12:01pm

    This is not fair that is a great begining now where is the ending? By the way to those creating this move EXCELENT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Dave says
    24 March 13, 12:19pm

    Amazing movie. Was great seeing so many well known faces in such a powerful movie. Knowing some of the independant stories of some of these individuals makes the message and power of the message even more touching and moving. I am so eagerly awaiting part 2, either by Netflix or purchase these films are in no way B rate in my opinion. God bless the crew and writers for having the devotion and strength to write and deliver suc h an amazing and touchhing sory to a market and world so upside down. Thank you all for this message and wonderful reminder that the good lord is always with us no matter how alone and empty we may feel inside. God bless and keep you all..t

  24. Preacher says
    25 March 13, 4:22am

    Aaron, please be aware of the existence of spiritual pride. This occurs when someone tries to demonstrate their theological superiority when that isn’t even the topic. This movie is about bringing people to Christ. It is not about you, or your theological views. Every other comment on this website is about faith and hope. It is only your comment that attempts to take away that faith and hope, based on your own personal theological and eschatological opinions. And they are just that… your own personal opinions. Do you know the mind of God, His will and His capabilities, more than God himself?

    This is a fictitious movie. It is meant to bring hope and faith and salvation to those living in the present time who might not otherwise receive God’s Word. As you can see by the comments on this site, it is serving its purpose very well. Why would you want to take that away from its viewers? Your work as a Christian should be to encourage others to find Christ, not discourage them.

  25. Bill says
    25 March 13, 6:26am

    My wife and I just watched Part 1 of Revelation Road and, of course, can’t wait for Part 2. My only question is: Are some of the original actors going to be in Part 2?

  26. Annelie says
    25 March 13, 6:51am

    Should be the same actors – hope so 🙂

  27. Joe says
    26 March 13, 2:39am

    Simply awesome I would recommend it all my friends.
    For those who criticize shame on you you fail to see that it’s meant for you to think about Jesus , it’s not about promoting what’s going to happen when he returns. Just love him amen.

  28. JOHN says
    26 March 13, 5:53pm

    I just watched the Revelation Road and thought it was fantastic. Ican’t wait for part two to come out, when is this going to happen.

  29. Jeremy says
    27 March 13, 8:18pm

    I get sidetracked a lot in life and God always seems to be there nudging me in the right direction. I am so glad i watched part 1. God can do many things and i see it everyday. He has made me who i am today and i could never thank him enough. God Bless Everyone. 🙂

  30. Joshua says
    27 March 13, 8:19pm

    just watched part 1 @ netflex…awesome movie…cant wait for part 2

  31. Hardcastle says
    28 March 13, 1:18pm

    Just watched part 1 on Netflix!!! Awaiting part2 inspiring movie!!!!! Thank You

  32. Jason J Perkins says
    28 March 13, 6:36pm

    I must say WOW! What an amazing movie! Revelation Road Part 1 was very well done and while I do not normally watch Christian based films, I found this movie VERY appealing. I wanted to see the next installment right away but it hasnt been made yet?! Cmon folks get with it! You have a great show and I am sure many others are waiting for part 2 as well.

    PLEASE make part 2 ASAP and send me an alert when it comes out so I may watch it!

  33. frank and jane says
    28 March 13, 8:00pm

    WOW, wonderful, we love suspense,action,movies but most we cannot watch. Thank you for bringing to us a movie we can watch and then discuss JESUS.
    Can”t wait for #2.

  34. Tausefoki says
    28 March 13, 8:33pm

    Awesome movie … cant wait for part 2.

  35. Gabe says
    28 March 13, 11:22pm

    Just watched Revelation Road Part 1. Great movie and can’t wait for the rest of the story!!! Really can’t wait for the real thing!!! Praise be to our Lord!!!!

  36. patrick says
    29 March 13, 1:39am

    great movie! I saw this on netflix and at first didnt know it was a religious movie until the end….well done to give a good message, good action, and good acting. Well done!!

  37. Alfred says
    29 March 13, 9:08am

    WoW!!!!Great movie! Wife and I saw part 1 of Revelation Road, We need Part 2!! Thank you Jesus!

  38. RONNIE M says
    30 March 13, 12:35am

    revelations road part 1 was awesome!!!! cant wait for part to to come out

  39. shaun says
    30 March 13, 5:05am

    Revelation road 1 was an amazing movie. Just what I needed when my faith is being tested. Thank you so much for making the film and I can’t wait for part 2. God truly is amazing and wonderful.

  40. Liliana says
    30 March 13, 12:57pm

    I am catholic…..but I really have a tough time getting into movies that are learning videos or spiritual movies but this movie was great….It had my attention and towards the end I wanted more….when is part 2 coming out?

  41. Joan says
    30 March 13, 7:34pm

    What happened to Revelation Road Part 2 on Netflix?

  42. bill scott says
    30 March 13, 8:55pm

    please … bring the second movie soon … i really like the first one and i am anxious to see the next chapter in this series

  43. Catwoman=^..^= says
    30 March 13, 10:31pm

    This movie really moved me to tears the first time I saw it. Even though it wasn’t exactly to the letter according to the Bible, but, the overall message is very clear. Now, I’m waiting for Revelation Road 2. Please don’t leave us hanging!

  44. Annelie says
    31 March 13, 7:12am

    This film hasn’t been released yet.


  45. Annelie says
    31 March 13, 7:13am

    Hopefully very soon!


  46. Robert Wiggins says
    31 March 13, 7:25pm

    Great movie! Can’t wait (but I guess I’ll have to) for the next part! Hurry please.

  47. David says
    31 March 13, 8:22pm

    Good Job !! will definately buy part 2. Blessings and protection on you.

    more movies please

  48. 31 March 13, 10:52pm

    Aaron, me thinks you are a member of the later day Pharisees. Ever consider that the Bible is of no personal interpretation? I agree that by some strict doctrinal standards your views are valid, but did you ever consider that when Jesus was born, it was strangers from a far away land who knew who he was and the doctrinal pure church members of the day didn’t even recognize Him?

  49. Mike says
    01 April 13, 10:49am

    It truly was an inspirational movie. I enjoy all the movies Bruce Marchiano portrays our Divine Savior. I wait with breathless anticipation on seeing Revelation 2 🙂

  50. AnneMiek says
    03 April 13, 6:27pm

    Just saw Revelation Road 1 and I loved it!!!
    Cann’t wait to see part 2 but I understand we have to wait for that part?
    Thank You Jesus … please make part 2 come very soon! God bless you all readers and viewers, greetings from holland

  51. Byron C. says
    05 April 13, 8:24pm

    Great movie! Loved it. My wife and I host a movie date night every month for married members of our church and this will be the next movie we will show. After each movie we have a group discussion (usually over coffee) to address the highlights.

    I couldn’t agree more with the comments from Preacher. Great point. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to Christianity are Christians who feel the need to destroy the whole because part of it may not be doctrinally accurate. These movies are not intended to take the place of Holy Scripture, but rather draw attention and interest to Holy Scripture. We need to get out the way and allow the Holy Spirit to work in people lives. This movie has done just that. Great job!

  52. sung says
    07 April 13, 10:24am

    Can you let me know about when it will be available, so I won’t be on tip toes waiting for release date? Thanks. Sung

  53. UJP says
    07 April 13, 4:59pm

    awesome movie, just watched it&got caught by surprise cause i never saw the trailer nor did I read the biography, so was expecting him to go and kill the thugs, and next thing i know, GOD showed up and started the light show, then it hit me as to why the name is called REVELATION looking forward to part2.

  54. Annelie says
    08 April 13, 6:38am

    Sorry – not for sure – hopefully soon.


  55. nancy says
    10 April 13, 12:53pm

    I dont think its right the way we have to wait on part 2, we should have been told so we wouldnt buy 1 until 2 came out, but it was a great movie

  56. Linda says
    11 April 13, 3:16pm

    Just saw part 1 loved it and it touched me very much great job was disappointed when I found out we had to wait for part 2 so hurry

  57. Christine says
    11 April 13, 6:37pm

    Just watched the first one. I cant wait till the 2nd one comes out and I hope very soon. I have it 2 thumbs up.

  58. Al Closson says
    12 April 13, 8:18pm

    My wife and I just watched Revelation Road. It was in her Top Ten recommendations in NetFlix. Was not aware of this movie at all prior to watching it tonight. We loved it. We were so disappointed to discover it was not a self contained movie. When we discovered it is a multi-part movie we immediately searced for info on part 2. Nothing came up. At the end of the first episode there was a reference to The Revelation Warrior so we searched that and got zilch, zero, nada. We eventually stumbled upon this website for Revelation Road 2. Only to discover there is no info on the next release date for the sequel here as well. While we love the movie and are looking forward to te continuation we are very disappointed in the lack of professionalism surrounding the overall marketing of the film. In essence there is no professionalism in this area. None. The difficulty we as professionals had in trying to discern the next release if there is to be a next release would discourage the vast majority of people interested in this movie. This is constructive criticism so please take it as that. We await anxiously further details concerning the sequel. In conclusion it should not be so very difficult to find info regarding the sequel. It is a turn off.

  59. mike says
    14 April 13, 12:32pm

    September 2013 for part two

  60. ashley O'Brien says
    14 April 13, 6:53pm

    its unbelievable!…I’m betting that a few of you who commented on how much you liked the movie are also religious AND are also the ones who can’t help MOANING about haveing to wait for part 2….do you see a connection here??!! maybe, you winers should have a little um,er, afff…FAITH!, TOLERANCE! PATIENCE! all good qualities that any religious person should have, not just Christians, all of you! I cant believe you can say how much you loved the movie and THEN start wining about how “unprofessional” it is that there’s no info on part 2….hey,next you’ll be saying “oh damn GOD’s not taking me to heaven quick enough , I’ll hurry the process up and shoot myself! HAVE SOME GOD GIVEN FAITH-PATIENCE APPRECIATION OF HOW THINGS WORK THAT ARE NOT YOURS TO QUESTION!..honestly, you people…uugghh!

  61. Annie says
    14 April 13, 6:54pm

    The movie was excellent! I understand aaron’s view but God is able to use any message that is intended to bring his children home. Let’s not judge. Lets be grateful n continue to do our part in spreading the truth….Jesus is Lord! Good job, now…please can we have part 2? I CAN’T WAIT! LOVE THE FIRST.

  62. Maria says
    14 April 13, 7:04pm

    Just watched it on Netflix & it is fantastic! Can’t wait til part 2…I have nothing but blessings on all who are part of it!

  63. Kylie says
    17 April 13, 4:07am

    I just watched Revelation Road: Beginning of the end. I must say I loved it, it opened my eyes and heart to the Lord again. I will admit, I had lost my faith in the Lord, after my beautiful baby daughter passed away, but my faith was slowly returning, this movie increased my faith, thank you. I am looking forward to part 2, the sea of glass. May the Lord shine his light upon all of you.

  64. Sheila says
    18 April 13, 6:14pm

    Watched Revelation road a couple of times already and I absolutly LOVE it ,my favorite scene is the rapture scene absolutly beautiful, I can;t wait for pt 2 to come out. :).

  65. Terry says
    18 April 13, 10:55pm

    Just watched the movie and was pleasantly surprised.My wife and wish more movies like this were made.May God Bless you All

  66. Denise says
    19 April 13, 2:28am

    My husband and I just rented part 1 from Redbox. We didn’t expect it to be a Christian movie and was suprised to find out that it was. We loved the movie and can’t wait till part 2 ! I’m not sure why anyone would have trouble finding out any info as the one person was saying I just googled rev part 2 and page after page came up! Even though there’s nothing that has a date there is a lot of info on it!

    My new husband is new to Christianity and its sometime easier to see things and learn about it instead of someone just telling you or trying to explain it! Thanks so much for making this movie we really loved it and can’t wait for the next one!

  67. Annelie says
    19 April 13, 6:58am

    That’s great Denise – I know a lot of people are looking forward to #2 – just remember it’s important to stay in the Word of God for your husband being new to Christianity especially. The movies are made to make you think and give possible scenarios but most aren’t meant to be Doctrinal movies.


  68. Charles V. says
    19 April 13, 6:00pm

    I just watched revelation road did not know anything about it. I thought it would be like any other action movie. But when the lord took all the followers to heaven I was moved then she meet Jesus wonderful!!!! I can’t wait to tell everyone in my family and church to watch. Love the endding gives me time to spread the word on the sequal AND THE LORD!

  69. Tim says
    20 April 13, 1:39am

    Just a thought, If people that are not believers in Christ like this movie. . .Then what is the spirit behind this movie. What did Christ say, “What have the light to do with the dark” That can be vise versa as well. I know that not all of the people that worked on this film as well as the actors that had roles in this film may or may not be Christian. If they are not Followers of Christ then why would they be interested in doing a movie like this one. If Christ that lame these days that he means nothing at all anymore? Is satan not afraid? Does that say something about the world we live in? I am not judging just pointing out the hole in the wall. I know that this is a good movie but Jesus is more than just a movie. If things go they way that they have been going, Jesus may be out of a job soon. . .Just sayin. . .

  70. Ruth says
    20 April 13, 9:57pm

    Fabulous movie, cant wait for part 2. Watching it makes you want to follow The Lord even more earnestly.

  71. Kenya S says
    21 April 13, 2:21am

    Just finished watching the first part on Netflix and truly enjoyed it. It’s great to see a possible scenario to the Rapture. I was really moved, very powerful. Movies like this make you realize that all the little things in life shouldn’t get us flustered. Makes me want to be a better person. God places things in your life to help encourage you to follow him. Christian movies are another great way to bring people to God. Has encouraged me to re-evaluate my life.

  72. SAM says
    21 April 13, 11:53pm

    I really liked the movie didn’t like the fact that we have to wait to see the ending,but hey patience is a virtue right? Liked the rapture scene very close to how it will be,but they forgot the angels playing the trumpets and the fact that the whole world will look up and see and hear them as they’re playing them, at which point they will be tranformed into energy much like you saw but more like energy beings not balls of light and of course only those destined to enter heaven will see and hear them..Keep in mind during the moment that they are playing[the angels] is the only time that you have to look up and be saved,if you hear them you have a chance to ask god and be saved,but only during that time. THERE IS NO SECOND CHANCE!! I only write this because as a child god allowed me to see how the second coming would be like.I’m much older now but never forgot what he showed me.

  73. sean mcnamara says
    23 April 13, 12:01am

    just seen the movie and i have never see a christian like this matter of fact i did not know it was one till almost the end of the first one. now i am looking for number 2 well done on the movie. sean mcnamara from sarnia,ont

  74. Bryan Bueno says
    26 April 13, 4:10pm

    I really want to know when the 2nd part is coming.. or just at least a preview because Its making me want more to show to my friends from the world to understand the principal of this movie that explains of the bible..

  75. maria says
    27 April 13, 4:42pm

    I’m so thankful for movies like this one my family loves it and we can’t wait for the second part!

  76. Emmanuel Jones says
    28 April 13, 2:23pm

    I am mad. I really loved the first part and now I can’t wait for the second part. It needs to hurry up… Ain’t nobody got time for waiting!! 🙂

  77. Sheryl says
    29 April 13, 4:52pm

    Ha! I found something about part 2 here..we can see it in September! Thanks! Below is my 5 star review on amazon.

    I just saw this on Netflix and logged onto amazon to see if part 2 was out yet…we’ll have to wait! I love everything by David A.R. White, and this is no exception. Love that he uses familiar actors that are in his other movies…his wife did a bang-up job as the Motorcycle Mama in this one..hey did you catch the Last Chance Cafe’ guy at the end of the movie? ha ha…(those who saw The Encounter will know what I am talking about!)…keep them coming David…and don’t wait so long for part 2!

  78. Anthony says
    02 May 13, 9:51am

    I liked the 1st Revelation Road. While it’s not filmed like other Hollywood style movies (for that I’m grateful) it’s a great movie. I wish they’d do the Left Behind movies… just like the books have been written. The 1st one was okay, then the 2nd & third had nothing to do with the books themselves. I really wish they did them right. I look forward to the next installment of the Revelation Road movies & any others that come after.

  79. Andre says
    02 May 13, 12:08pm

    I’ve been studying end time prophecies for bout a year now,so I must say this movie is excellent.can’t wait to see part 2……..when’s it coming out btw?

  80. CFDb says
    02 May 13, 10:11pm

    Hi Andre, it’s coming September 10.

  81. Chaplain, Ruth B. says
    06 May 13, 7:20pm

    This was a great movie! I just saw it on netflix and they didn’t have the second one. I searched and found out the movie will not be out till September. Great Job guys.
    As far as Aaron is concerned, I understand where you are coming from but you have to understand that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of comfort and the purpose of the spirit is to encourage us in the Lord. Many people who are trying hard to follow God with all of their hearts lose sight of Love and that is the greatest commandment. It’s easy to get caught up in legalism and not follow the spirit.

    Just remember that the purpose of the Holy Spirit is to encourage and any discouragement or condemnation comes from Satan and his kingdom.

    Love is the greatest commandment.

    Blessings, Ruth B.

  82. Lora Lea says
    07 May 13, 8:38pm

    Okay so you didn’t see Jesus on a white horse!
    It is still a great movie…enough to make people think.
    After a person finds out God loves them just as they are, and His Son died for their sins,
    they can read the Good Book themselves (the Bible) and get the straight skinny
    by reading it themselves.
    Love your movies and agree with everyone else, can’t wait to watch the second half.
    God Bless You and your work and It sure feels good to be a child of God!

  83. I need the film now pls part 1 says
    13 May 13, 10:35am

    I love the film

  84. ibukunoladipupo says
    13 May 13, 10:38am

    I need the film pls

  85. jaques says
    16 May 13, 6:01am

    will come out 11 September 2013 cant w8 watching the first one i could feel the power of GOD over me need to watch the next one

  86. Christine says
    16 May 13, 11:58am

    I loved the movie. Didn’t know there was a second part when we rented it, but looking forward to it’s release. I have yet to find a movie that is “doctrinally sound” since we humans view our “doctrines” in so many different lights. It doesn’t matter how you get from point A to point B. What matters is that you actually GET to point B. So wonderful to see so many people encouraged and uplifted by the movie. Just because it is a Christian movie, it doesn’t have to contain all Christian actors. Maybe the person casting the parts wanted to expose some non-Christian actors to something that could possibly change their lives. What a testimony if some of these actors came to know Jesus through working on this film!!! Praying blessings on all those involved in this movie and those yet to come. I am a big fan of Steve “Sting” Borden and have been so thrilled to see him in The Encounter and Revelation Road. Keep up the wonderful work for the Kingdom!!!!!

  87. Mr. Tim says
    16 May 13, 11:10pm

    I hear part two is coming in September 2013. I am also looking forward to it!!!
    This will be a great series to collect and watch over and over again.

  88. 29 May 13, 7:03pm

    I really love the movie, I can’t wait for the part 2 to be released. God bless this ministry!

  89. Daniella says
    31 May 13, 7:42pm

    Revelation Road Part 1 was an amazing film! Part 2 will be out in September 2013, can’t wait! God Bless You All!

  90. Terri says
    06 June 13, 1:44pm

    Loved Revelation Road but where is Revelation Road 2….I have to know how it ends!

  91. minnie says
    07 June 13, 8:39pm

    I just watched revelation road one and I got upset because I really wanted to see part two hurry up already I am crazy for part two

  92. opjones says
    12 June 13, 3:10am

    I Checked Part 2 Is Scheduled For Release In September 2013. This movie is excellently. i concur With Everyone.
    You Might Also Check Out The Left Behind Series By Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins.
    They Are Available In Video but the audio cds Are awesome. Get the dramatizsd version. I’m Not promoting The
    But While You Wait For Part two, check out Left Behind.

  93. CFDb says
    12 June 13, 6:41am

    You Are right, we have it listed on CFDb with the release date as: (Select Theaters) July, 2013 – Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) September 10, 2013

    You can pre-order now with the link listed on the film page. I can’t wait!

  94. Billy says
    13 June 13, 2:02pm

    I once was lost but now I’m found … I had read some of them comments that said something about theologically incorrect, whatever that means … all I know is that I am now a follower of Christ because of this movie. I may not know what theological means but I do know who Jesus Christ is … He is my Lord and Savior

  95. Annelie says
    13 June 13, 6:00pm

    That is AWESOME Billy! Thanks for sharing that. Welcome to the family of God.


  96. Angieq says
    15 June 13, 6:10pm

    I can’t wait for the Revelation Road 2: The Sea of glass

  97. Michelle says
    22 June 13, 2:46pm

    Revelation Road 2 is going to be amazing!!!!!

  98. Debbie says
    14 July 13, 11:06am

    Saw the Revelation Road The beginning of the End: It was a great movie! Looking forward to Sept.10, 2013 when the Revelation Road part 2 is available.

  99. Bree says
    24 July 13, 2:58am

    Just watched Revelation Road 2 on Amazon. It’s available as a 48 hour rental. Left me wondering if this is going to be a trilogy … although ending was fine as is. Definitely worth renting.

  100. Mike Wilson says
    18 August 13, 4:25pm

    We have just discovered Pure/Flix movies. You guys are awesome. We love your movies and we are telling everyone about them. We found you guys on Netflix. It is so wonderful to have Jesus come into our house through your ministry. We will be praying for you and doing what ever we can to help.

  101. Nik0las says
    17 September 13, 3:58am

    I am looking a song from Revelation road 2: The sea of Glass and Fire….if any1 has seen it already and you may have a clue….its when Josh finally got home and going to the bedroom….there is a song, shazam no help yet….Thx anyway

  102. Pat Matthews says
    04 October 13, 3:59pm

    Loved both 1 and 2, but would like to know if there are plans for a part 3? I am a member of the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) and both the wife and I would love to see this play out like the left behind series…

  103. Annelie says
    06 October 13, 9:56am

    We aren’t sure if there will be a Revelation Road 3 – we haven’t heard anything about that yet.


  104. Jim Duval says
    21 October 13, 12:44pm

    I have been a Christian for over fifty years; I have been in pastoral ministry over thirty years. I believe I have a good handle on the Word and the Christian life. This film says absolutely nothing about either. From the standpoint of the “rapture” [so called] the film is totally lacking in a Biblical foundation. I am not sure what a non-believer would think about what is portrayed here, except that perhaps there is a second chance following Christ’s return. This could not be further from the truth. And the last thirty seconds wherein God is portrayed by a scruffy old man welcoming someone who has spent the majority of his life in a motorcycle gang and knows nothing of Christ, absolute nonsense. Don’t writers and producers of these films read the Word before producing them. Perhaps they should view a fine film like “Fireproof” wherein the Gospel message is graciously and fully presented before making up biblical fairy tales. Now please, don’t think I am trying to be harsh for harshness sake, I am trying to wake up the alleged Christian film making community into putting Scriptural truth into their films and stop trying to attract the world through violence that they can get anywhere else. This is the Living Word of the Living God they’re attempting to put on film. They must do it prayerfully, and reverently and honestly. God will use nothing less.

  105. Faye says
    30 October 13, 8:31pm

    I truly enjoyed Revelation Road: Beginning of the end on NetFlix streaming. With God’s Blessing, the movie is exquisitely made, stupendously fine actors and actresses.
    When people were gone in a flash of light and only orbs were left and ascended to heaven, I felt a little tug in my soul, and in another scene when Elisabeth ran up to the man sitting near a campfire, I knew right then it is Jesus when he said, ‘I’ll protect you’.
    I really want to see Revelation Road 2 The sea of glass and fire. NetFlix says a very long wait for dvd, and there is no streaming. I hope there will be other sequels to Revelation Road, I feel this will reach out to a lot of people.

  106. Craig says
    07 October 14, 5:15pm

    Think of all the people who would never think about Jesus and Gods blessing without this movie. It only takes a small crack of the door for it to open wide and have the light shine in.

  107. Elle R says
    27 November 14, 7:47pm

    Good message…horrible acting!

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