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Revelation Road 4:

Sneak Preview
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Revelation Road 4:

Film Description:

Revelation Road 4: – TBA, No Info Yet, we will “Post Here” as soon as we get any info, If you have info on this film, Please let us Know.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Revelation Road: The Beginning of the End
Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire
Revelation Road 3: The Black Rider
Revelation Road 4:

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Topic: End Time Events

Film Cast

  • David A.R. White … Josh
  • Brian Bosworth … Hawg

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Pure Flix Entertainment Representative:
Phone: 1 480 991 2258 Fax: 1 480 473 9811
Email: Contact Address: 15300 N 90th St., Suite 900, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Film Details

Release Date
MPAA Rating
Composer / Music
Production Company
Distribution Company
Cast ,
Other Crew

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  1. Linda says
    23 November 14, 10:01pm

    Loved the film….they where all excellent!!! Please make revelation 4!!!!

  2. Justin says
    14 December 14, 9:35pm

    I love these movies!!! I can’t wait to see part 4.

  3. Angela says
    24 December 14, 6:08am

    Please, please make #4….. I am hooked, loved all 3 films!!!

  4. Chad says
    27 December 14, 4:31pm

    Love all 3 movies. You need to make part 4. The movie’s mean a lot to my family and me. Think churches everywhere should have movie nights, and watch them. God bless you Dave White, James Denton, Robert Gossett, Brian Bossworth, and all the actors.

  5. Luke says
    07 January 15, 10:38pm

    I love all of these movies and I can’t wait until they make a number 4 please make one I want to see what they have in store for the new one

  6. Deborah Ogan says
    20 January 15, 8:58pm

    I watched all three Revelation Road movies on Netflix today. Loved them! I always love it when actors that I have enjoyed over the years in secular films pop up in Christian films. I have loved Kevin Sorbo since his days as Hercules and the Starship Enterprise and now I am enjoying him in an increasing number of wholesome family films. Kudos to men and women actors of character. A dying breed in every profession.

  7. Jason Osborn says
    10 March 15, 10:04pm

    Really nice job with this series! The prophetic dreams of the little girl Emily had me locked in! Such a nice blend of action and scripture. Bruce Marchiano plays a WONDERFUL Jesus. No doubt these movies will show people the way to Christ. Blessings to all at Pureflix. You are doing amazing things

  8. terry says
    19 April 15, 9:55am

    Cant wait for 4th 11 yr old son loved it.

  9. Kevin says
    22 September 15, 8:03pm

    Please make another Revelation Road! Love these movies! PLEASE!

  10. karen hondow says
    09 November 15, 10:25pm

    Just finished watching all the Revelation Road films sure are good cannot wait for the fourth one.

  11. ryan mccaw says
    10 November 15, 6:37am

    Loved all three. I don’t watch many films but I will say I can’t wait to see number four.

  12. Robert says
    14 November 15, 11:36am

    Loved all three movies. I am completely stoked on these. Please make #4.

  13. PENNY Elsenpeter says
    06 February 16, 12:07pm

    Please make Revelation 4 and Mark 3 Pretty Please!

  14. Paul says
    17 February 16, 11:20pm

    Me and my wife watched all 3 movies and she said you need to come out with revelation 4 right away

  15. Robin says
    06 March 16, 7:45pm

    I watched all of the Revelation Road movies several times on Netflix. I am waiting for Revelation Road 4 because the way the third movie ended, I know there has to be another movie being made. I can’t wait to watch it. I would love to see the movies on Pureflix. Thank you for such great entertainment from Christian based movies!!!

  16. Theresa says
    24 June 16, 11:23pm

    This series was monumental in salvation of my mom…she went home to be with the Lord on my Birthday 7/7/15
    Miss her so much…looking forward to seeing Revelation 4 and Thanking God for his mercy and grace for her salvation?

  17. William Hester says
    09 July 16, 9:39am

    I love all 3 movies episodes it’s heart touching and it is a learning experience similar to almost but the truth is really telling you of Good and Evil truth about Jesus to choose the right path Jesus can’t wait to see part 4

  18. Gary says
    30 October 16, 8:11pm

    We need these movies to be made and shared. The way the world is today we need all the help we can. Hurry up and make the movies please.

  19. Marilyn du Toit says
    29 December 16, 5:28pm

    The movie also reached non christians. Very good, cant wait for 4…

  20. Joy McBee says
    31 March 17, 4:24pm

    loved the movies please make the 4th

  21. Jane says
    04 June 17, 8:08pm

    Please make #4 . These are wonderful movies

  22. Micah Glover says
    24 June 17, 8:05pm

    My family and own all three Revelation Road movies and have watched them alot. So obviously we loved them!! We are so ready for the 4th one!!! Can’t wait to see it!!!

  23. Dedra says
    22 September 17, 12:49pm

    Loved all 3 of Revelation road movies. PLEASE make #4! Thanks

  24. Jessica says
    29 October 17, 5:40pm

    Please make a part 4

  25. Val says
    19 December 17, 8:37pm

    I Love all 3 of the revelation road series. Cant wait for #4!

  26. Shane M says
    05 January 18, 2:18pm

    I think the trilogy is a great series as they portrait life thru the end times via the Bibles eyes. I do believe non believers will watch these films and make them think as the message is in the film. Thank you for creating a great family series. I can’t wait for the next ones.
    Thank you again

  27. Jamie Williams says
    05 January 18, 3:48pm

    Please make #4 i love these movies!!!!

  28. Krystian says
    06 January 18, 12:43pm

    I’m from Poland and I really like this movie. I would like the fourth part to be created. “The Black Rider” doesn’t end story of the film.

  29. Arnie Boich says
    29 January 18, 11:54pm

    Yes, please make number 4!

  30. Dwanda G says
    11 February 18, 10:50am

    Would love to see a 4th movie, really enjoyed 1 through 3.

  31. Shelly says
    25 March 18, 9:05pm

    Cannot WAIT for number 4!!! Absolutely love Bosworth’s character, and I’m so excited to see where this is going! Lol, I mean if course we know where it’s gonna finally go, but I mean with the story line and the character played by David AR White’s wife, Andrea! Hope she’s back! Also, really want to see another Encounter movie!! We LOVE those two series in my home, and it’s great to have something the children really look forward to! My daughter is 15, my son 8, and a little one on the way, but it’s great that PureFlix press out such great content! Watched “Do You Believe”, at my daughter’s request, and we’ve been being watching their movies!

  32. Hunter says
    31 July 18, 1:28pm

    Great movies that help show a glimpse of what the end could be like! I can’t wait for the fourth to come out!

  33. Robert says
    11 August 18, 4:40pm

    I have the books of Daniel, Ester and Ruth. Mark I & II ( hope there will be a third), Peter and the last supper, and of course all three Revelation Road. Don’t stop making these fantastic Christian based movies. PLEASE MAKE REV #4! Also God’s Not Dead. Jerusalem Rising. I have been trying to get a list of the movies that are available on DVD, but unable to do so. Keep up the great work!

  34. Linda says
    20 September 18, 1:11pm

    Please make revelation 4 one of the best christian series i have seen and it cant end

  35. Steve Bates says
    23 September 18, 1:00pm

    Just watched 1-3, loved them, eagerly awaiting #4…..can someone please talk with both actors and Pure Flix about this idea….if funding is a problem, there are ways around that now.

  36. Arnie Boich says
    07 December 18, 1:16am

    Is Revelation 4 going to be produced?

  37. Zalonia says
    12 December 18, 8:44pm

    the revelation road series is incredible I look forward to seeing the 4th in theaters

  38. 05 January 19, 2:15pm

    ….Waiting for REVELATION ROAD 4. #Anytimenow

  39. Timothy says
    07 January 19, 12:20am

    You all have done a wonderful job with the first three, that was a pretty big cliffhanger.. please.

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