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Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffin’s Legacy

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Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffin’s Legacy

Film Description:

A documentary feature film based on the life and legacy of Rich Mullins. Rich Mullins was primarily known as a Christian singer songwriter, but he lived recklessly and furiously through this life before dying in a car wreck over 15 years ago. He was boldly honest, ruffling the feathers of both Nashville and his fellow Christians, and gave up fame and fortune to live on a Native American Reservation teaching kids music and the hope of the gospel of Jesus.

Thousands, including many current artists, would claim to have been impacted by the life and legacy of Rich Mullins. Hear from those who knew him best about his life from beginning to end.

Release Date: (DVD) TBA!

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Rich Mullins Singing Awesome God!

Watch the Film Trailer

Rich Mullins A Ragamuffin's Legacy - Christian MovieFilm DVD, (Richard Wayne Mullins)

Rich Mullins: A Ragamuffin's Legacy


  • Amy Grant … Herself
  • Michael W. Smith … Himself
  • Michael Tait … Himself
  • Rich Mullins … Himself
  • Mac Powell … Himself
  • Rick Elias … Himself
  • Mitch McVicker … Himself
  • Brennan Manning … Himself
  • Shane Claiborne … Himself
  • Lloyd Mullins … Himself
  • Dave Mullins … Himself
  • Neva Mullins … Herself
  • Deb Mullins … Herself
Company: Rich Mullins The Movie LLC
Contact Person: David
Email: Email Contact

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  1. Carolyn Lindemann says
    04 November 12, 7:34pm

    Who is the man sitting in the chair that is talking in the trailer on Rich Mullins?
    Thank you for responding.

  2. Annelie says
    05 November 12, 9:39am

    Does anyone know? I honestly don’t know. I’ll contact the Company and see what I can find out!


  3. Richard says
    19 November 12, 11:18am

    That is Brennan Manning. He is the author of the Ragamuffin Gospel, and was an important influence on Rich Mullins. A Ragamuffin Band, the band Rich founded, borrowed its name from the title of Manning’s book.

  4. rob neiman says
    16 May 13, 8:30pm

    Say the trailer… Loved it. Excited about its release…… I’m glad someone finally decided to chronicle Rich’s life and show the world… My store will definitely carry the dvd of this film

  5. Will says
    17 May 13, 7:53am

    It is true – we are all “un-entitled beggars at the banquet table of Christ.” What a marvelous position to be in 🙂 …thanks Dave, and all involved, for your efforts. Thank you Jesus, for your amazing grace…

  6. AK Ragamuffin says
    30 May 13, 2:11pm

    I have hoped for a movie about Rich Mullins’ story for years. I hope everyone I know sees it because ultimately it should prove to be a movie testifying to the Gospel.

  7. joe says
    01 June 13, 12:27pm

    first for those who are wondering who the man is in the chair talking in both the movie and trailer his name is Brannon manning who wrote the book a ragamuffin gospel which was key in opening up and helping to bring a deeper understanding to rich Mullins of who god and Jesus really are and truly revealing what they truth of the gospel truly is .

  8. Rhonda says
    13 June 13, 8:47pm

    Does anyone have any info on the release date? I cannot find it anywhere. Really want to see this movie….Thanks!

  9. Annelie says
    14 June 13, 6:32am

    Sorry no release date yet.


  10. valerie says
    22 June 13, 3:15pm

    I’m so glad for this movie – I’ve read An Arrow Pointing to Heaven about Rich’s life and his music made such an impact on my spiritual growth really – God works through so many to bring us closer to Him. I pray this movie will give a strong witness of the love of God and minister to many. God bless you guys for making it!

  11. lori l says
    21 September 13, 9:26am

    The man is Brennan Manning, an ex-Franciscan brother who was a mentor to Rich.

  12. wally says
    16 January 14, 11:00pm

    I was fortunate to live in one of the selected cities for Ragamuffin movie Rapid City, South Dakota on January 15, 2014. I don’t think there was an empty seat at the Elk’s Theater. I loved it. I asked others, and they loved it too. It hit home in many ways. I could right a “review,” but will say it showed the emotions, both good and bad, of a struggling Rich early in his life and music.. He was a great man, who struggled but did FOLLOW Jesus! He wasn’t a “fan”, but became a TRUE follower of Jesus Christ. I also like how the movie portrayed “Rich as Rich,” with his jeans, t-shirt and sandles. Also the part in the woods when he wrote a letter to his father. It was great.I saw him shortly after his “change” or deeper love of Christ in 1993. I could right a review, but I’ll just say I loved it, and hope it is received well in the other selected cities.

  13. Gary says
    07 February 14, 8:53am

    Very disappointed in movie. Seemed like story was from a jealous brother. I can’t believe Rich could have written the music he did being depicted as he was in this movie. If you like Rich and his music don’t go see this movie or you will be greatly disappointed.

  14. Angela says
    19 February 14, 8:14am

    LOVE this movie. Why? Because it is real and portrays real issues Christians face. In the American culture, in particular, we like to present a feel-good Gospel which basically says come to Jesus and your life will be happy, happy, happy. This is not a biblical Gospel. Jesus was homeless, despised by many, and poor by worldly standards. He promised that if we choose to follow Him we will be persecuted and have a full and abundant life but our culture’s translation of “abundant” is healthy, wealthy and popular. The Apostle Paul depicts the abundant life Jesus meant…full of beatings, preaching, ship wrecks…but also full of joy and peace for following the command of Jesus to go and tell. I think for someone not to like this movie is to say that they have bought into the wrong Gospel and want a feel good experience but we don’t come to Jesus for “feel good” we come to Jesus because we are Ragamuffins…broken people who can only be held together by supernatural grace and mercy. I haven’t read it yet but have read many reviews… I think Paul Tripp’s book “Broken Down Houses” will be an excellent companion to this movie. I intend to buy Ragamuffin and use it to kick off small group studies of Paul Tripp’s book. We are broken and until we realize that…”Blessed are the poor in spirit….” (Matthew 5:3)…we cannot be part of God’s kingdom. See Ragamuffin but know that you won’t go away with feel good but by God’s grace you will go away saying, “Thank You, Father, for sending a Savior for me, a Ragamuffin.”

  15. Julie says
    13 March 14, 1:20pm

    I was disappointed. I get that Rich wasn’t a saint and would never want to be portrayed that way but where was his joy or his sense of humor? There was not one moment of peace and it got to the point at the end if you wondered if he committed suicide? (He would never do that, he loved and respected Mitch too much.) It needed more balance. We all exist with plenty of days where our faith is the size of a mustard seed but this movie made it seem as if Rich barely even had that and never had more. If you weren’t a Christian and you watched this film I don’t think you would feel as if it were pointing to God. Sad…

    Side note… Why on earth couldn’t they get the length of “Rich’s” hair consistent??? Distracting!

  16. Mary Barnebey says
    16 March 14, 6:31pm

    True Story: Not fantasy of who we wanted him to be. Going to go in April and am sure it will be a grieving process for me because God creates individuals and this one made a huge difference in my spirit, soul and standard of thinking. Sing your praise. Peace, peace of Christ to you.

  17. Michael says
    24 March 14, 12:03am

    “I can’t believe Rich could have written the music he did being depicted as he was in this movie. If you like Rich and his music don’t go see this movie or you will be greatly disappointed.”

    So, what you’d rather believe he was a perfect person? Listen to some of his talking from his concerts, listen to the story behind “Hold Me Jesus”, read his writings. Rich was not perfect, he was flawed, he was broken, he was prone to sin, as we all are. Does knowing that King David had an affair with Bathsheba and then had her husband killed to cover it up make the Psalms any less beautiful, any less worship? If anything Rich’s flaws and scars make his music that much more powerful. That he could fall so far so often, and still get back up again, and write as he did is a testament, not to Rich, but to the grace, mercy, power and glory of God.

  18. chuck says
    12 April 14, 10:30pm

    Just finished viewing the Rich Mullen movie in Goshen, IN, I had the good pleasure of working on a project with Rich the year before he died. It was, the Canticle of the Plains , an almost unknown musical play written, directed and produce by Rich, (worth checking out) I had the opportunity to hang, do lunch and work with Rich creating props for the Bethel College, Mishawaka and at Cornerstone Fest presentations, He was one of the most real Christian i knew at that time so refreshing to be with. Humble and honest, but far from prefect, he was a lover of God and yet loneliness followed him too often. He lived a life in pursuit of honoring God. The Movie, I think captured a segment of Rich’s life that most fans had little idea that was happening. Out of his pain, he wrote music that we connected with, he was the poet for the average person, he expressed in music and his sharing what we knew were true and were often afraid to verbalize. The movie reminded me of Rich’s and my own brokenness, and boldly reminded us that God’s love for us is greater than our brokenness. Both my wife and I left the movie encouraged, inspired and refresh with hope. Don’t Miss it!!!! Chuck, south bend IN

  19. Bubba Jackson says
    06 June 14, 4:02pm

    Amazing movie, re-watched with director comments, then “the Making Of” short, then watched again at a LOUD volume ! I am on the net looking for his music, something I rarely do, but this has had an impact on me, thank you !

  20. Daniel says
    16 June 14, 4:14am

    What a great movie. I’ve watched it at home in Zwolle (the Netherlands).
    Can anyone help me with he question I have?
    During the road trip the companion of Rich put on a tape with a sermon. Rich was touched by the message of this sermon
    and pulled over his car, got out sat down and cried. Does anyone know where I can find this sermon? And who’s it from?
    Thank you.

  21. Melanie says
    23 June 14, 12:10am


    The tape was of a sermon by Brennan Manning who wrote the book “The Ragamuffin Gospel”. You can find this sermon and others on YouTube.

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