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Right to Believe

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CFDb Review:

A very unique film with some compelling conversation.  Check out the CFDb Movie Review.

Right to Believe


Film Description:

Tony Morris (Christopher Hunt) is a local newspaper reporter who is demoted to writing for his paper’s community section after his credibility is falsely called into question. Little does Tony know that his first assignment in his new role presents the biggest challenge of his young career. With his job on the line, Tony is assigned to cover the town’s first Gay Pride Day and interview parade organizer Markus Fry (Timothy Paul Taylor).

Challenged to an open debate on the biblical principles of homosexuality, Tony must choose between relying on his Christian values and moral convictions or taking the easy way out and just writing the story. Will Tony’s entire reporting career come crashing down if he dares to stand up for what he believes?

Release Date: (DVD) February 3,  2014

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  • Christopher Hunt … Tony Morris
  • Timothy Paul Taylor … Markus Fry
  • Donald James Parker … Terry Pissante
  • Jenn Gotzon … April Morris
  • Markus Porter … Rick
  • Clay Evans … Drew
  • Misty Sisco … Barista
  • David G. Baker … Patron
  • Mandi Lyn Toan … Barista 2
Company: Rossetti Productions
Contact Person: Chip Rossetti
Right to Believe, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. 11 June 13, 12:18pm

    This is a great movie with a intense story line very appropriate for this day and age! It is time for us as the body of christ to stand up for what we believe in, even if it rocks the boat!!! Sexual immorality needs to be addressed now more than ever, since the laws of our land have began to change dramatically!!! I am so honored and blessed to have been part of this great movie project! I composed and performed the the theme song RIGHT TO BELIEVE for this film! I hope the message filtered with love will reach and change many lives for the glory of God!!!

  2. Kyle says
    01 March 17, 8:44pm

    What a ridiculously offensive movie. Total garbage.

  3. CarnacTheMagnificent says
    06 July 17, 5:11pm

    hahahaha, what a bunch of evangelical weirdos! Hocus pocus dominocus indeed!

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