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CFDb Review:

Highly emotional, brilliant film.  Short but powerful.


Film Description:

Roses tells the story of Jessica, a young woman who has recently lost her sight through a tragic stroke, and her struggle to deal with the emotions and shock that come with such a traumatic change in her life.

Through a seemingly chance encounter at a bus stop she meets Kevin, an African American gentlemen from a previous generation who carries a shocking and unexpected secret of his own. Together, they face difficult questions and forgotten memories, and ultimately they must both confront the shadows of their past so that they may embrace their future and live beautifully. Roses deals with the timeless truths of forgiveness, redemption, and faith.

Release Date: (Church Premiere) November 9, 2014

Release Date: (Online) TBA

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Topic: Short Films

Roses - Christian Movie/Film - CFDb

Roses - Christian Movie/Film - CFDb Banner

Film Cast

  • Samantha Glover … Josephine Rodgers
  • Antonio Gooden … Kevin Rodgers (young)
  • Rachel Hendrix … Jessica Harper
  • Lou Mires … Angry Driver
  • Chris O’Brien … Jake Truman
  • Gregory Alan Williams … Kevin Rodgers

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Roses, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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