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Rumors of Wars

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CFDb Review:

Loved the discipline speech about not missing a day.  Looking forward to a sequel.

Rumors of Wars

Film Description:

In The End, We All Worship Something!

RUMORS OF WARS is a post-apocalyptic war drama combined with an intense investigative thriller. Years into the future, Captain Shaw408 discovers a book that contains an old photo of his dead father. Instead of incinerating it with the rest of the Christian propaganda that he and “The Alliance” are out to destroy, he keeps it, discovering that it’s the diary of a college student named Roxy – a girl in today’s time who seeks to document the dark truth behind a “terrorist attack” that killed her fiancé.

As Shaw reads her diary years later, he too sees the truth about the conspiracy that started the end of the world, realizing that he is on the wrong side. And while they both find the truth, will they be able to escape the lies without being killed?

Release Date: (Simulcast Event) October 29 – November 2, 2014

Release Date: (DVD/Blu-ray) November 11, 2014

Rumors of Wars Movie

The time has come! We are releasing Rumors Of Wars in Select Theaters May 2nd – May 8th as a Limited Engagement in Phoenix, Atlanta, Jackson, Texarkana and Nashville.

In September, it is our intention to have a wider general release before releasing to video. We have been building church and local awareness in these communities to ensure these showings go well.

This Film Needs Your Help! So how can you help?

Rumors of Wars Movie - CFDb

Rumors of Wars - Movie - CFDb

Rumors of Wars - Christian Movie with Ben Davies, Jason Burkey - Screenshot 1

Rumors of Wars - Christian Movie with Ben Davies, Jason Burkey - Screenshot 2

Rumors of Wars - Christian Movie with Ben Davies, Jason Burkey - Screenshot 3

Rumors of Wars Movie - CFDb From Left to Right - Chad Bennett - "Zurn Soldier - O'Brian"Guy Hinton - "Zurn Soldier - Claxton" Todd Shinabery - "Zurn Soldier - Rice" Kevin Rought - "Zurn Soldier - Lemke" Keith Haagsma - "Zurn Soldier - McGuire"  Ken Price - "Zurn Soldier - Austin"

Film Cast

Actor Character Actor Character
Ben Davies Shaw Jennifer Cooper Roxy
Eric Roberts Zurn Michael Joiner Agent Harris
Jason Burkey Bryan Keep Jaci Velasquez Beth
Shannen Fields Nurse T.C. Stallings Commander
Joseph Scott Anthony Professor Diedrich Michael Ulmer Webb266
Mac Powell Enlin Morgan Ayres Phoenix
Kelsey Sanders Claire Lexi Johnson Zurn Hologram
Jamie-Grace Vivica Jamie-Grace Vivica
Wendy Griffith II Anchor Woman Keith Seccombe Professor Holloway
Lee Garrett Lee Richardson Kelsey Sanders Claire
Brad Stine Beau Dustin Tavella Ramirez
Luke Jaden Drew (as Luke Sawicki) Maegan Bruce Interrogated Woman
Shannon Cullum Woman Advocate Victoria Mullen Mrs. Summers

Film Contact Details

Company: Bearfruit Films Representative: Not Available
Phone: (323) 892-1392 Fax: (602) 714-1392
Email: Contact
Rumors of Wars, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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  1. Angela says
    26 February 14, 8:20am

    Really want to rent or buy dvd Rumors of Wars. Can you tell me when it will be available?

  2. Annelie says
    26 February 14, 9:24am

    Sorry – not sure – if you want you can try to contact them via their Facebook page –


  3. Betty says
    14 August 14, 6:09am

    I too wanted to buy one and give as a B day gift but I guess not! $$$$$ is passing them by.

  4. Annelie says
    14 August 14, 8:20am

    Try calling them – Phone: (323) 892-1392 – maybe you could buy one from them before the release date.


  5. Secret Prep says
    01 December 14, 2:45pm

    Watched it on Netflix!!!!

    Loved it! I’m one of those crazy preppers that seal-a-meals old Bibles and hides them behind remodeling projects. Floors, walls anywhere. The lost diary really got me hooked.

  6. Megan says
    29 November 17, 3:12am

    I really wish they would make the sequel.

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