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Run On

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CFDb Review!

Cindy says… The Parable of the Prodigal Son is one of my favorite stories in the Bible and these 3 versions these men share from their lives is told in a manner that made me laugh…and cry. Check out Cindy’s Movie Review.    We saw this one as well and there were definitely some serious moments with tears.  Very personal stories.  It was real.  CFDb

Film Synopsis:

Run On is a theatrical comedy delivered by three of the top Christian performers as they hysterically share a stage and tell of their own prodigal journeys. Though each story is from a unique personal experience, they weave seamlessly together to form the oldest human story of all, the futility of trying to “run” from God.

David A.R. White, shares his story of how he left his Mennonite community in Kansas and came to Hollywood at the age of 19.

Tommy Blaze, a comedy veteran,Shares his story of his marriage difficulty and trying to get a divorce that God wouldn’t allow.

Brad Stine, “God’s Comic”, one of the most well known Christian comics in the country shares his experience of being called to “ministry” and ending up in the belly of a whale.

All in all, this is a perfect show to inspire seekers of Christ as well as mature Christians relating to the difficult and sometimes perilous journey known as our faith. You’ll laugh as you see yourself, you may shed a tear over the pain, and you’ll find healing and inspiration from one of the freshest and most unique comedy projects the Christian world has ever created.

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  1. Matt Smith says
    12 October 12, 11:43pm

    We watched this on NetFlix tonight as a family (youngest is not quite 12). You will laugh and laugh some more. Each piece is part of the “prodigal son” story, but from the comics’ own lives. This is a GREAT film to watch. I give it 5 stars!

    Below is the Dove Foundation’s review. I don’t agree with it 100% because the reviewer makes some things sound worse than they are (i.e., mentioning a prostitute is not a “discussion of a prostitute”, nor is a boy falling onto the support bar the same as “getting hit”).

  2. Debbie Madill says
    11 April 13, 12:39pm

    That was great. I loved it. What a great way to share your testimony.
    Thank you so much. I will be buying the DVD.

  3. Lourdes says
    17 December 13, 11:09am

    My husband and I started watching this film, thought at the beginning, oh well this is a comedy stand up, but after a couple of minutes watching it it was worth it every single second. Thumbs up. The best comedy/movi we have ever watch. Recommend it 100%

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