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Running Inside Out

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CFDb Review!

I really wish that more Doctors and Nurses were like the ones portrayed in this film. Knowing this was based on a true story, it’s encouraging to me to know that there are still people out there that truly care. It’s these type of people that make all the difference. Her friends were fabulous as well. This was a film of hope and LOVED the picture that they showed twice in the film. You’ll know the picture once you watch the film!

Film Synopsis:

Inspired by a true story, Kim embarks on her college career to journey through love, success and unexpected crisis. With a dream job, a fresh start and an inspired passion for running, Kim is forced to the edge by a sequence of painful life circumstances including an unplanned pregnancy. As her life crumbles and relationships fade, her hardened aloneness is unveiled. “Who will stand with me? Who will love me — just for me?”

This is a passionate film about one woman’s search for a love that will last and the people who make a difference through ordinary acts of kindness.

The True Story!

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Running Inside Out, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Staci Panacek says
    05 September 12, 4:15am

    I have heard the TRUE story of Cathi in a few different places and this story takes a LOT of creative licensing. While I have come to expect the acting to be a bit sub-par in most Christian films – they are still endearing because of the underlying message – which in this case is forgiveness. Yet, the portrayal of Deb’s husband has to be the most hammy I’ve ever seen in any of the Christian movies yet. Although the guy in the opening scene (roommates guy) is a close second.

    I’d love to give it 5 stars, but a good story with mediocre (at best) acting – I can only give it 2.5. Sorry. But a good movie to remind us about a few lessons we tend to forget easily.

  2. Jerry Mason says
    19 February 13, 8:52am

    My wife Angie and I watched Running Inside Out from our living room couch and thought it was a great movie movie.
    We disagree with Staci Panacek on the acting which we feel was very good.

  3. Sajan Abraham says
    04 April 13, 2:08am

    Recently, I was talking to a friend who was saying that she doesn’t usually enjoy watching Christian movies because they’re just not made as well as mainstream movies. (In my friend’s defense, she really is a sincere Christian with a solid walk with Christ). So, I’ve recently decided to watch as many Christian movies as I can in order to find some that she might like.

    Admittedly, my friend wasn’t completely wrong about Christian movies not being made as well. I could get into the issue of how the Christian movie producers just don’t have the same resources that the mainstream Hollywood movie producers, but I won’t. The acting in Christian movies is oftentimes a bit sub-par, but I’m not sure I’d say that about this one. No, the acting wasn’t fantastic, but it was still pretty good. I thought Andrea Prescott portrayed the character Kim very well, and I hope to see her in more movies to come.

    But enough about the acting; that’s not the main reason we watch Christian movies anyway — the story is. And this storyline was great! I teared up a little when the baby was born (well, I’m gonna be a dad in about 4 months), All in all, I give this movie 2 thumbs up!

  4. Maria Nyamoni says
    08 August 13, 12:07am

    Well this Christian film is so touching it shows us how things happen to us without our knowledge it’s beyond us. Whenever one thing is taken from us during our mourning another thing is brought to us with much love such us friends, families, dreams, inspiration and jobs. This film has brought my faith and hope seeing that am not alone.marie

  5. Kelly Jarvis says
    22 February 14, 7:43am

    I have watched this movie multiple times and each time my prayer grows stronger than when I meet people like Cathi I would be like Deb. Just to love them where they are and let the love of God flow through me. That’s what the world needs from Christians: love not judgement.

  6. Annelie says
    23 February 14, 7:42am



  7. 18 June 14, 11:45pm

    Je finirai de jeter un coup d’oeil à ça ce soir

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