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CFDb Review:

The movie “Rust” is a movie of rediscovering faith, and as the main character finds his faith, you find yourself compelled to do the right thing in life, even if it means giving up your own life in the process. As Jesus gave His all to save us, the main character gives his all to find out the truth and save his friend, who also gave his all to protect others. This movie is an example of the cost of sacrifice and the precious gift of forgiveness and hope and reconciliation. Most of all, this movie brings out the struggle we all have with trying to understand God in the things that happen in this world and still keep our faith and trust in Him.

“Rust” will keep you at the edge of your seat and will also move you to tears throughout the film, all the while encouraging you to have hope in Christ and trust in Him no matter what the circumstances. He is still there during the darkest days of our lives.


Film Description:

As a crisis of faith rocks his life’s calling, former minister Jimmy Moore returns to the place he called home half-a-lifetime ago. Very little has changed in this small farming town, except for everything that he’s ever known. He returns to find a community reeling from a recent tragic fire that took a family’s life and placed Jimmy’s best friend in a psychiatric prison.

While Jimmy’s pastoral mentor challenges him to not lose faith, his disappointed father wonders why his son always runs from challenges. Can Jimmy find the resolve-and the clues-to get to the bottom of the mysterious fire and clear his friend Travis? Will any good come from the ashes of this tragedy? When things look their bleakest, Travis reminds Jimmy that, “God has His plan, you should know that better than anyone.”

A unique story of friendship and calling, RUST is a mystery that will leave you seeking the power of grace, the beauty in sacrifice, and the hope of faith renewed.

  • Corbin Bernsen ~~~ James Moore
  • Frank Gall ~~~ Glen
  • Lloyd Warner ~~~ Travis
  • Audrey Lynn Tennent ~~~ Mary
  • Kirsten Collins ~~~ Amanda
  • John Hutchinson ~~~ Pastor Barrow
  • Chesney Caswell ~~~ Loretta
  • Judith Davies ~~~ Ms. Wexler
  • Cavan Cunningham ~~~ Pastor Barrow (50 Years Old)
  • Mike Kernahan ~~~ Perry
  • Ryder Debreceni ~~~ Ian
  • Nolan Hubbard … Drew
  • Gerald Lenton-Young ~~~ Rick
  • Brad Kearns ~~~ Ed Beaujot
  • Denise Singleton ~~~ Janine
Name/Company: Rust Productions
Contact Person:
Phone: 646-746-4300
Rust, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Annelie says
    08 February 13, 3:12pm

    Cindy Says…

    This is an uplifting film on faith, family, and community.

    For the full review –


  2. KL says
    29 September 13, 8:27pm

    Great movie. Very inspirational for someone who has been struggling in their faith, like me. I feel inspired and encouraged that things will work out, instead of judged or condemned. You don’t find that everywhere. Thank you to all who participated in any way in this film.

  3. nik says
    17 April 14, 6:59am

    nice movie which shows how to follow Jesus’s teaching of sacrifice, love and forgiveness in today’s professional world.
    the message and love of Jesus Christ is eternal and unchanging through the ages and accross the boundaries..
    ……. nik, India

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