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Saint Street

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Film Synopsis:

Saint Street is a classic American Christmas tale for the entire family. The story follows Percy who is a good man, but has found himself caught up in the riches of the world and is neglecting his most prized possession – his family. Christmas Eve has arrived and Percy is still hard at work late in to the night, once again breaking his promises to his wife and kids that he would leave early so that they could drive to their traditional family Christmas party.

After being warned time and again to change his ways from a heavenly being from beyond, Percy is about to experience some grave consequences for hsi actions. In a series of tragic events, Percy faces humble circumstances after losing everything in a car accident – his family, job and home. Paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair, he is forced to be homeless and live in the gritty world of misfits on Saint Street.

It is on Saint Street where Percy sees the light and changes his ways through the examples of the most unlikely of souls. We soon discover that things aren’t always what they seem and second chances and redemtpion just might be closer than we think.

  • Mark Webb … Percy
  • Jasen Wade … James
  • Jizelle Jade … Sparkle
  • Clint Vanderlinden … Hawk
  • Tye Nelson … Ted
  • Pat Donahue … Malt
  • Jeff Johnson … Jacob
  • Keen Cooper … Jane
  • Jeff Hall … Jacob
  • Nathan Dobbin … Matthew
  • Jarrod Phillips … JC
  • Sahara Yasmin Krompel … Sophie
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  1. Reyna says
    08 November 14, 7:56pm

    Saint Street is an AMAZING movie that feels your heart with warmth, brings you hope and etc.. This movie had made me cry more than four times but one question still remains for me is this movie a true story???

  2. 10 November 16, 6:13am

    Where can I download this movie?

  3. Desiree says
    17 November 16, 12:44pm

    Hello Abdul,

    Here is the link to purchasing / renting online. Generally, if we know where to find the film we have “Buy” “Rent” “Watch” button links at the top of the listing just below the trailer and film cover.


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