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Samuel: The Birth of a Prophet

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Samuel: The Birth of a Prophet

Film Description:

In ancient Israel, a barren woman named Hannah finds herself overwhelmed with the desire for a son. In a culture where women gained their identity and value by the children they bore, being barren was viewed as being rejected by God. Having to face this reality, in her desperation, Hannah cries out, making a bold promise to God that if He would only grant her a son, she would give him back to the Lord for all the days of his life. God answers her prayer, but now Hannah must face the reality of following through on her promise to surrender her son to the temple and trust that God will take care of her, her son and his future.

Release Date: November 13th at 7:00PM

The Center of Performing Arts

Vancouver BC



Film Cast

  • Karim Fahmy … Old Samuel
  • Navid Charkhi … The Messenger
  • Arggy Jenati … Peninnah
  • Chirag Naik … Elkanah
  • Kaiyus Grewal … Young Samuel
  • Tysae Grewal … Peninnah’s Son
  • Gus Khosrowkhani … Eli
  • Adele Noronha … Hannah

Film Company Contact Details

Company: Representative: Jonathan Bryden
Phone: 778 986-3447 Fax:
Email: Contact Address: 142 Water St.
Vancouver BC V6B 1B2

Film Details

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