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Saving Faith

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Film Synopsis:

Saving Faith is the compelling story of Malcolm’s crumbling life after surviving the car accident that took his little girl. He’s losing his focus, his direction and his faith. Altercations with a rebellious employee who can’t seem to shake his gang member lifestyle call on God’s graceful interference and reveal the power of forgiveness and acceptance in order to save Malcolm’s faith.

  • Spencer Scott … Malcolm
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  1. sergio perez says
    25 October 12, 1:19pm

    This move is a great movie that ties everything together in the mist of terrable events God is there to help through struggle that in turn brings hope. Praise God

  2. Hesbon Mwangi says
    02 December 12, 9:19pm

    I like the works of “great” actors and actresses, for instance, Denzel, Chuck Norris, Arnold. I usually watch these actors to enjoy the action and have a good time. Today I got onto netflix and decided to try “Saving Faith.” The movie didn’t disappoint!!. It not only entertained me but also got me laughing, emotional, touched and showed me how we fail to look up to God for questions in our lives. Many are times in our lives when we beat ourselves up but forget to ask God to help us understand the incidences we face in life.

    Great movie and I will be looking forward for more to come. God led me to watch this movie and I am sure He will lead me to watch more good ones and this will equip me with enough knowledge about Him and aspects of life.

    Slowly but surely I will keep growing as a Christian and hopefully influence others. Thank you!

    Hezzy, 25yrs

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