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Saving God: One Soul at a Time

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Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast)

Film Synopsis:

Armstrong Cane (Rhames) served 15 years in prison for manslaughter. Towards the end of his sentence, Armstrong reforms and finds God in his life. Now, out of prison, he serves God as the Pastor of his community church. As he works to rebuild the community he left behind, the ex con meets Norris (Murphy) and recognizes a young man headed down the wrong path. Lured into the depths of drugs and violence by local dealer Blaze (McDermott), the troubled teen is pulled in opposite directions.

While battling to keep on the right path, Cane fights to save Norris from a life of drugs and violence, but the ultimate question remains: Can people really change, or will the demons of their past overcome them?

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  • Ving Rhames … Armstrong Cane
  • Dean McDermott … John Henry James/Blaze
  • Ricardo Chavira … Rev. Danny Christopher
  • Dwain Murphy … Norris Johns
  • Genelle Williams … Ashley Ellis
  • Kate Todd … Sherri Butler
  • K.C. Collins … Mike
  • Richard Leacock … Mr. Ken Salter
  • Phillip Jarrett … Pastor Curry
  • Egidio Tari … Detective Lombardi
  • Tosh Robertson … Marcus Ellis
  • Kathy Maloney … Ms. Ellis
  • Ardon Bess … Officer Earle
  • Barbara Barnes-Hopkins … Mavis Johns
  • Kedar … Deacon Jake
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Saving God: One Soul at a Time, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. ClaytonFrazier1 says
    22 August 13, 10:56am

    This is one of the better Christian Films. It shows a real world. This can actually happen and it does. God helps the lost and rejects to get a new start. There’s still hope for these people. When the main character started to talk, it was POW! Great writing, realistic dialogue . . . a frustrated filmmaker’s dream come true. There are little things I don’t like, as in sound quality at time is weak in places, but the story outweighs that. This story also has dramatic twists that kept me interested. Especially near the end, it’s like crazy. What I like the most is that it doesn’t target the family, it is not about the family man but the ex-con turned pastor. Finally people I can relate to in a Christian Film. This is a must see.

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