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Saving Grace

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Saving Grace

Film Description:

Saving Grace – What secrets will be revealed while saving Grace?

After an unexpected meltdown, Grace (Eurika Pratts) is sent to live with self-proclaimed “saint”, Carmen Burns (Aja De Vargas) for spiritual guidance. Five years into her marriage, Grace cheats on her husband Kevin and runs off for five days.

Unable to explain her actions or understand what possessed her to commit adultery, Kevin convinces Grace to stay with Carmen in an attempt to save their marriage. Carmen directs Grace to undertake a 30-day spiritual fast, and undergo counseling with Pastor Jones (Jean Claude LaMarre).

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Topic: Adultery

Film Cast

  • Johann John Jean … Pastor Evans
  • Douglas S. Matthews … Curtis
  • Tresha Moss … Malika
  • Eurika Pratts … Dr. Levingston
  • Daphnique Springs … Grace
  • Delpaneaux Wills … Donald

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