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Saving Westbrook High

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Saving Westbrook High

Film Description:

Saving Westbrook High – Manny Cortez is uprooting his family – wife Teresa and daughters Selana, 14 and Gabriella, 12 – so that they can go to Westbrook High where his beloved late father was the football coach.

Soon after the Cortez family moves into the Westbrook school zone, it is announced that Westbrook High will close due to budget reasons. Long known for being a wonderful environment with special teachers, the staff, students and parents decide to fight back – Westbrook High is worth saving.

Charismatic English Literature teacher Elijah Bennett leads the charge for the teachers but has to deal with the new principal, Dr. Christine Walker, who has very different views on education and the value of protesting the school board’s decision. Elijah and Christine were students together at Westbrook many years ago and despite their differences there is a bond and some sparks.

Perhaps most passionate about saving the school are the students, especially shy and insecure Jasper, who emerges as a leader. Selana joins the cause and learns why her father was so passionate about this school and her education.

Release Date: (DVD) March 17, 2015

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Topic: Youth


Film Cast

  • Salli Richardson-Whitfield … Christine
  • Esai Morales … Manny
  • Coby Ryan McLaughlin … Elijah
  • Loretta Devine … Doris
  • Julianne Cabrera … Selena
  • Clare Carey … Sara
  • Brian Lafontaine … Boomer
  • Adrian Kali Turner … Jasper
  • Gregory Alan Williams … Robert
  • Dave Blamy … Lyle
  • Adyana de la Torre … Teresa
  • Tara Polhemus … Becky
  • Steven St. Gelais … Liam
  • Jacob Leinbach … Devin
  • Bianca Red Arrow … Gabriela
  • Deonna Young … Peyton
  • Karen Boles … Cathy
  • William Smith … Male Student 1
  • Michael Siu … Male Student 2
  • Carrie Marshall … Female Teacher
  • Evan Bertram … Female Student
  • Keith Neal … Male Teacher

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Film Details

Saving Westbrook High, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Kim says
    28 February 14, 12:23am

    I just finished watching Saving Westbrook High and have to say it was a very good movie. I’ve watched so many schools get shut down in our area and it breaks my heart especially when increasing taxes for schools are voted down. These people were in school growing up and people paid for them to have an education. It is hard to understand and seems so selfish to me. I hope this movie comes out on a DVD so I can let my daughter see it, she is a teacher.

  2. 17 November 15, 11:58am

    Good movie. Not too preachy so as not to turn teens off, but with a solid Christian base. There was a great prayer that Elijah prayed with Doris before she goes to find the student who dropped out. I copied most of it, but can’t figure out one word. Any help would be appreciated.
    “Darkness closes in on us. Our hands are poised for battle, our weapons drawn and ready. We mourn our losses, and struggle to grasp what we do not understand. But every sunrise brings us a new day full of hope and possibilities. It brings us new opportunities to love, forgive, to share, to trust and to _______ (long?). We stand in the face of fear, yet we’re not afraid. We open our hearts to let Your love envelope us and guide us. And we pray for the discernment and strength to always know what is right. We ask that You lift us up, Father, encircle us with Your light and always wrap us in Your perfect love, today, tomorrow and always. In Jesus’ holy name, amen.”

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