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Saving Winston

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Rating: 2.5/5 (2 votes cast)

CFDb Review!

An enjoyable Christian film for teenagers. If you love horses, you’ll really enjoy this one.

Film Synopsis:

“Saving Winston” is a faith-based drama about a troubled teen who finds redemption through her faith in God and the rehabilitation of a rescued horse.

The story begins with Ashley, a drug abusing teen, being arrested instead of her delinquent boyfriend in a botched robbery attempt. This event forces Ashley to begin a long journey to rediscover her true self. After her release from six months of institutionalized rehab, Ashley goes to live with her aunt, a horse trainer. As Ashley tries to rekindle her memories from her lost youth of becoming a champion rider, she struggles to end all contact with the ex-boyfriend that enabled her addiction.

While adjusting to her unfamiliar surroundings, Ashley stumbles upon a malnourished horse named Winston, abandoned and forgotten behind a neighbor’s dilapidated house. Ashely and her aunt rehabilitate the poor unfortunate animal. As the horse’s health improves, so does Ashley’s state of mind.

Following her aunt’s example, Ashley learns the true meaning of living a righteous life, but shadows from her past continue to resurface, tempting her to slide back into her self-destructive lifestyle. Ashely must choose between returning to the deceptive “comfort” of her dark past or continue on the narrow path to salvation accompanied by God and horses. “Dove”

  • Victoria Emmons … Ashley
  • Meghan McCabe-Habrat … Aunt Diane
  • Austin Kearney … Travis
  • Alison Kotila … Emily
  • Miley Stockton … Susan
  • Mike Hawkins … Counselor
  • Kail Harbick … Lisa
  • Tara Brown … Horse Rescue Woman
  • Josh Hardcastle … Scott
  • Mona Leigh … Homeless Woman
  • Monique Hurd … Bible Study Friend
  • Katrina Condos … Bible Study Member
  • Debra Gregory … Bible Study Member
  • Jessica Riscili … Bible Study Member
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Saving Winston, 2.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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